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Kaala Teeka 18th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Yug says to photographer I want that picture. He says I don’t have it. My system had virus. Yug says anything hard copy. He shows him a hardcopy. Yug says are you sure? He says yes this reflection of this ma’am. It is not moffed. Yug says okay. Yug hides outside the shop. Shopkeeper calls leeela and says send the money. Your work is done. Yug says that means I was right. Someone is doing this but who?

Leela says to prohit you have to stop this. You made her Kala teeka now you will finish her. Prohit says its not a big deal for me. We place lemon spice and we change it. Leela says is it possible? prohit says anything is possible. Prohit says we have to transfer her fate to Gauri. Leela says done. She laughs.
Yug is on his way back. He recalls Kali saying please trust when she showed her picture to him. Gauri brought the same photo. He recalls photographer talking on call. Yug says who was he calling? Who is behind this? This is all so complicated.
Kali says in temple only you can tell him my truth. Yug sees Aryan going into a club with a girl. Yug says who is this girl.
Gauri says dadi dadi thank you. You are a rockstar. Gauri says I am waiting for the day Kali will be out. If her fate is mine and Yug is mine too. Leela says and our name will be up like always.

Minister calls Vishwa and says this stone is fake we didn’t expect this from you. Vishwa calls Neel. He because of you I am defamed. He sent the ring made of fake stone. Neel says I checked the stone myself, Kali and sharmila checked it. Vishwa says its not what they saw I gave you that responsibility not them, once again you have defamed you. Neel says what are you trying to say. Manjiri says calm down. Vishwa says how. He is too irresponsible. He leaves.
Sharmila says he is used to of insulting you. He doesn’t value your work. Sharmila says in heart that stone was so expensive, for you vishwa.

Aryan drinks with the girl. He gives her a ring and says will you marry me. Yug is seeing him. The girl nods. Yug recalls what he said about Kali. He breaks the mirror. Yug comes near Aryan. He throws away the ring from his hand.
Yug says you call yourself Kali’s husband and now playing with another girl’s life. Yug starts hitting him. People stop them.
Leela wakes Gauri up with whistle. Gauri says who does this.
Leela says you sleep a lot. Are you even worried for your husband? he is not home. Gauri says I just dropped off. Gauri says I am calling. Leela says he is not picking up. Gauri says who is blaring the horn. Leela says its yug.
yug comes in drunk. He collides with lamp. Leela slaps him and says so God kept me alive to see you drunk. You did what no one did in our family. You were my pride. She cries. Yug laughs. Yug says what? Pride? He laughs again. Yug says I am broken. My whole.. My love, my life. Everything has been taken from me. There is nothing left. i am looking for life in these pieces. You know you won’t understand. You think I am always wrong. He slips. Leela tries to pick him up. He says I am okay. Yug says why should I ruin my life for that betrayer? She didn’t even look back. Leela says I know you love her that is why I said yes for wedding. But she was playing games with you. She was dual faced. Don’t worry. Its over. he says you are right Gauri is mine.

Yug comes to Vishwa’s house. Kali drops the arti plate. Yug says i want to invite you all to today’s party. Where I will introduce my wife formally. Manjiri slaps him. Vishwa says Manjiri.. Manjiri says I haven’t slapped your son in law. Neither my son. I have slapped my motherhood. I was mistaken to be proud of my bringing up. He is the same Kali who you considered your ram ji. You prayed for him, he is bound with society who can’t face truth. You don’t deserve my daughter. Bury his memories.

Precap-Vishwa says as the head of family I decline your invitation. kali says no we will come in your happiness as the daughter of this house. I accept your invitation.

Written Update by Atiba

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