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Kaala Teeka 17th November 2015 Written Update

kaala teeka watch online

Scene 1
Kaali says to manjali I will eat when Gauri is back. When will she be back? Manjali shows her the watch and says she will come back when the hand of watch comes on this number.
Gauri is in her class. Kaali looks at the watch and waits for her. Kaali says to manjali its time. she runs to the gate.

Madhuri says where is my princess? JT says she where would she be? Can you keep elephant away from dust? JT says you are calling my daughter elephant of dust? JT says get the meaning of it. JT hits her with the pot and says why can’t you open your eyes? She hits her, It was just her dream. Madhuri says why are you looking at me? JT says Kaali shouldn’t be with Gauri much. She would be like her. Madhuri says i will take care of my daughter. you better care for yours JT says neel is my son.

Vishwa has ordered so many toys for Gauri’s friends. Neel says what will I gift to my friends? JT says this is too much.
Manjali says why so many gifts? This is show off. they asked for one gift only. Vishwa says I don’t care what was needed. Mahduri says he is very generous. Manjali says i know. I hope he gives a small part of his heart to kaali as well.

Next morning, Gauri says I will really miss you in school kaali. You have to sit in that box and come with me to school. She packs her in the box. Vishwa says come princess.
They sit in the car and leave. Gauri is in one of the gift boxes.
JT smiles at the leaving car, she says in heart today what I have done will shine my fate. She recalls that she saw kaali sitting in the box. JT put a diya in one of the boxes and closes it.

Precap-The box is on fire. Gauri is asleep in the class. Kaali sees her and says Gauri get up its on fire. She is in the box. Kaali tries to come out of the box.

Written Update By Atiba


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