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Kaala Teeka 17th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Gauri comes home, she is pissed. Mad says what is wrong? Gauri says you can’t understand mom. She says I don’t like mom I look like your sister. Gauri says you ca’t understand me. Mad says tell me. Gauri says I went to that event. she insulted me there. I tried to ruin her event but I failed. I don’t like this. I can’t lose. Mad says wasn’t kali here. Gauri says when I went to get card she got lost somewhere. Mad says let her come. Kali comes in. Mad says where are you coming from? You left her alone. Kali says I went in. I was waiting for her inside.Gauri says you didn’t have card. How? She says I took the seeta idol in. No one stopped me.Kali says manjiri ma always told me take care of idols. Mad says I have told you dont talk about her. Mad says she has forgotten she is kala teeka. Mad chains her like always. Mad says now stay here and recall who you are.

Kali says I felt good by saving his event. When I talk to him I feel like you have told him all that. When I see him I feel like there is someone who considers me human.
I know he is looking for gauri. But that voice is mine. I wish you were here manji maa. I don’t know what to do. You wont let me become a kala teeka, you wanted be to your daughter. Everyone thinks Tai ji loved Gauri but I know she made gauri like this.
Servant comes in he takes out chains from her neck. He says Mad wants to eat sweet.
Kali makes the sweet for mad. dahi bundi says you don’t have to marry? Your bady papa will get you married too.Kali recalls yug.
The sweet gets burnt. Mad shouts at Kali. Kali polishes shoes.
Manjiri comes to yug and asks what happened? He places head in her lap. He says I didn’t find her. I heard you singing that song and then she sang it. It was just like yours. Manjiri says maybe there is some connection. I don’t know how I know this song. I don’t remember anything from old life except that song. Manjiri sings that song for him. Yug says when will I find you Gauri.
Prohit tells vishwa they rejected the proposal. I tried everything to convince them.
He says she gave me this red pouch. KAlyani says prohit you can’t do anything. Prohit says they got mad when they got to know about Vishwa’s jail. Kalyani says we will find better guy. vishwa says no. That guy has be Gauri’s. His kundli is one in a million.

Neel comes to sharmila. She slaps him. SHe says you shameless. That day principal didn’t trust me. I will take you to police station. I know you are your sister. He says please listen to me once. She says how dare you stop me. Neel says once listen to me. It was wrong but I wanted to save gauri.
He tells her everything. Pricipal sees them together. He says she is still with him. I have to talk to her family.
Yug says to his boss talk to event organizer. they are not giving me details. If you ask them they might tell you. He says I don’t know yug. We launched an album yesterday. I am not interested in launching another one. Yug says okay sir. Yug tells manjiri kumar is not agreeing. Manjiri says ram didn’t get seeta that easily. You can’t give up. Do something else. He calls Kumar again. He says Mr. Pratahwal is approaching that singer. Kumar says no no then we should call her first. lets meet her at 12. Yug says yes.

Precap-Yug buys flowers. Kali sings in studio on gauri’s behalf. Yug hears her voice.

Written Update By Atiba


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