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Kaala Teeka 16th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Chulbuli says I wanted top go to parlor. Gauri says my head hurts please shut the TV. Please go out of the room. You can lock the room if you don’t trust me. Chulbuli locks her room and leaves. gauri says he left me home but well I will be with you there yug. Kali asks chul why is the room locked? Chul says lcoked gauri there. She wanted to go with yug.
Gauri jumps from the window. She goes to yug’s office. He asks what are you doing here? She says I came here for you. How long will you take? My youth is over. come on. Yug says stop it. Gauri says I never betrayed you. I always loved you. I came alone okay i will go back alone. yug says stop. Sit in the car. Its getting late.

On the way, Gauri says I am so hungry lets go to eat. Yug says we are heading home eat there. his car breaks down. Gauri says yes. I mean oh no what will we do now. i am so scared. Lets stay in a hotel.
They come to hotel. yug comes in the room. gauri says isn’t it smelling? He says no. She says let me spray. She sprays something. Yug half faints. Gauri makes him drink water. She takes off his coat and comes close to him. Yug says what are you doing?She says what a wife should. Alarm blares in the hotel. Manager says there is a fire.They all rush out. Kali stops gauri and says I pity on you. You are losing so much these days. you know why because its about my marriage. Remember I told you be careful.

Chulbuli says on call I will call you late.Leela says why is yug’s phone off.
Sharmily says to neel you don’t do anything. She leaves. Vishwa says sharmila.. what you are punuishing him for, I am responsible for it. I provoked him. That is why he did this.

Leela says where has gauri gone? They come in. Yug is hurt.Leela says what happened? gauri says its med’s side effect. leela looks at gauri. Gauri says please listen i went to meet him. The car broke down and we had to stay in hotel. Kali ruined everything. She is so clever.She is playing games.Dadi says what she did. Tell me truth. kali comes downstairs, Gauri syas ask her. Kali says what are you talking about? Gauri says you came to hotel. Kali says I was home all day. I was talking to manji maa. Check my phone, and you were locked in your room. Gauri says she is lying.

Sharmila turns back in shock. vishwa says punish me not him. i regret. Neel says no chacha ji please don’t say all that. Vishw says it was my mistake. I was mad in gauri’s love. It was a huge mistake. Not only sharmila i am your culprit too. Sharmila says it is so easy for you right? What you lost? nothing. My whole life is ruined. It is too difficult to forgive you. Leela says what will you do us next gauri? Kali was in her room. Your kundli was horrible and now you have started lying too. Whats next? She says to kali go check yug and give him med. Kali says yes dadi. Kali goes to yug.

Kali gives gauri a tube and says try to understand. This all is hurting you. Our wishes take our wit from us. You have to ask yourself what you are doing is right or wrong. She applies ointment to her. Gauri stops kali. Gauri says leave it. You can’t fool me again but not this time. Within three weeks I will get you kicked out of this house. This is my challenge.

Precap-Kali says dadi asked me to do this. She will accept me. Manjiri calls Yug and says please go to that temple. Kali is in danger. Someone kidnaps kali.

Written Update by Atiba

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