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Kaala Teeka 15th December 2015 Written Update

Scene 1
Vishwa burns his photos with Manjiri. He says she forgot my love for that kaala teeka. Jethi says this is her ego and a man’s cowardice. Vishwa says i will ruin her life. i will take my name and love everything from her. Take all things related to me she has and destroy them. Jethi says as you say. Jethi says in heart you are the egoistic one. And this is beneficial for my neel that you all fight and ruin everything.

Manjiri does arti. Jethi says what are you doing? You have sindur in your hairline. Jethi asks women to come in.Manjiri says who are they? Jethi says they are here to take you and make you pure. Mad comes and says what is this? Who are these widows. Jethi says these women are here to take all symbols of marriage from Manjiri. Vishwa has ordered this. She should live like a widow now. That is what vishwa said. Mad says I wont let this happen to Manjiri didi. Jethi says then you go in her place. And give Vishwa his first wife. Can you do this? No? You can share your husband but can’t sacrifice him. Jethi says take all this from her and make her look like a widow. They try to take Manjiri’s wedding locket. Manjiri says no don’t do this. I am nothing without this. she says Vishwa please don’t do this. You promised to protect me. Dont let this happen. Vishwa looks in other direction. Jethi says you are a widow now. Manjiri says i am not a widow. I always loved you vishwa and i always will. This is why I asked you not to do sins. Don’t punish me for this. Jethi says let me start this. She takes of her jewelry. Mad is in tears.

The women take Manjiri with her. She says dont take me away from my house and my daughter. Jethi says dont make so much noise. You should go to widow asylum. Manjiri says vishwa pleas save me. I don’t wanna go. Jethi says stop crying go now. Kids come home and see manjiri going.
Jethi says why did you have bring them at this time prohit? He says Gauri wanted to go home. Jethi says couldn’t you handle her.
Gauri says vishwa where is badi mama going papa? Vishwa says children don’t understand somethings. Your badi mama has to go. this is the ritual. When a woman is away from her husband she has to go. Kali says where is she going? Vishwa says i will tell you both later. Gauri says badi mama wont go anywhere. Kali says yes please. Neel says yes please chacha ji. Jethi says papa knows what to do. Gauri says why did you fight with her? Badi mama wont go anywhere. Kali says i will go with her as well. Gauri says and I will go with kali and manji maa as well. Neel says I wont live here either then. He hugs manjiri. Jethi says come back here neel. Or I will slap you. Neel hugs Manjiri. Mad says vishwa drink cold milk. Did is not here then i wont live here either. She hugs Manjiri. Dahi bundi says we wont live here then. Mad says okay we are all going. Vishwa says stop. He says I will do as the children say. Gauri says i love you papa and hugs him. Kali hugs him as well. Kali says to gauri lets take manji to her room.

Jethi says to vishwa this manjiri is so lucky. Vishwa says i thought she will leave before gauri comes back and will make an excuse but you.. Prohit says she was askign. Vishwa says when gauri goes to school tomorrow manjiri will have to go to asylum. She has to go. He goes in.

Precap-Mad says darling ji will send manjiri to asylum when kids go to school. Gauri and neel hear this.

Written Update By Atiba


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