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Kaala Teeka 15th August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kali stuck and hangs with a tree. Vishwa looks down at her. Kali says save me badky papa. Vishwa throws a big rock on her hands and she falls down. Manjiri Neel and Yug come running. Vishwa leaves. Kali falls down the ground.
Manjiri says I will never forgive you Yug if something happens to Kali. Yug says kali where are you? They both look for her. Yug says Kali I love you. Please don’t leave me. He sits there and cries. Manjiri and Neel leave.

In house, Leela says why you went to find her out? Why you want to bring her back? Sharmila says what she hasn’t done for this family? Leela says in heart I know her worth but I am helpless in front of the promise I made to Gauri.
Vishwa comes in house and says Yug where is Kali? Yug says I don’t know I was looking for her as well. Watchman comes and says someone sent this letter in letter box. Manjiri reads the letter and is dazed.
Vishwa reads, I will never be forgiven for this sin so I have decided I should rather end this life. I am going to die. Forgive me if you can. Yug takes the letter and reads it. He is dazed. Gauri says this can’t happen. This is all lie? Papa please say something. Sharmila says why didn’t anyone stop her? Manjiri stands in anger and says my daughter never got happiness. I thought with Yug, she will be safe and happy because Yug trusts her. but I was wrong. Yug is like others. I made a mistake that I gave my daughter to you Yug. She grasps his collar and says I made a mistake. You killed her, you killed my Kali. She slaps his repeatedly. Leela says when she has accepted her sin then why are you blaming my son? Leela says yes it is all your mistake too. You all are responsible for this. You all have killed my daughter. Kali can’t even imagine to kill a child. She sobs and sits there in tears. Gauri says Manji ma please don’t cry. Manjiri says don’t call me maa. I am not your maa. Neither am I yug’s mom. Kali was my daughter and she is dead. You all killed her. You all will have to mourn her death. You will cry tears of blood.
Gauri says Manji maa don’t say this please. I know this is all because of this child. I will abort this child. Yug says don’t even say that. Yug goes upstairs and cries in his room. He sees his picture with Kali and throws it on ground and crushes it. Yug is about to break a vase Gauri comes in.
Gauri says tomorrow will be a better day. Yug hugs her stomach and starts crying. Leela comes in. They both caress her. Leela says what has happened has happened. will you own this child? Will you make him our heir? He can’t be a bastard. Marry Gauri. Yug leaves the room.

Scene 2
Manjiri comes to police station and asks them to write Kali’s missing report. He says this is a suicide note, how can I write missing report? Manjiri says she can’t suicide this is fake. He says okay we will search for her and let you know if we find something.
Vishwa says to Gauri you don’t have to worry now. Gauri says but Yug is not mine yet. Vishwa says listen.. This way Yug will be yours forever. He turns back Manjiri is standing there.

Manjiri asks Vishwa did you get to know about Kali? he says we are searching. Manjiri says can’t we do any pooja? Vishwa hugs her and says don’t worry.
Yug is worried in his room. Gauri comes in. Gauri says I know you really love Gauri. I can never be like her. but I will never deceive you. I won’t let you down. She hugs him from back. Gauri says I know you don’t even wanna give me Kali’s name, I just want that no one calls my child illegitimate. Gauri says to Yug I just have a request just give this child your name. Yug says no one will call him illegitimate. I will give him my name. Gauri says really? Yug says yes I will marry you. Gauri hugs him.

Kali is on the ground.

Precap-Yug’s haldi is on going. Manjiri says not even a few days have passed and you are doing your haldi? Kali is alive. Yug says I don’t care about that. Manjiri says what sin has she done? And if she has done it then give me proof? Yug says I have proofs.

Written Update by Atiba

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