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Kaala Teeka 15th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Yug says to Vishwa I have come to see Gauri. He goes to gauri she hides her food. Yug says I heard you are not eating? Gauri says yes for kali.He says but kali fasts. Gauri says I care for her. I found her aryan and she is not marrying him. I wont eat unless she agrees. He says why are you hurting yourself. Gauri says she is my sister.She supported me solved my problems and now today I think aryan is good for her she has a problem. I thought at least you would support me. Why shouldn’t she marry him? She is your friend. Don’t you want her happy? He says yes I want. She says you have to convince her. He says okay give me aryan’s address first I will meet him and then will make kali meet him.

Aryan has the locket chulbul lost. Yug is on his way.Gauri says at least I should tell aryan yug is coming. The jeweler is there. He deals for the locket. Yug arrives. he says aryan.. Aryan hides the locket. Yug says I was passing by so thought should meet you. Are you busy? He says no. Gauri says I have to do something.
Aryan says I am not as rich as jha sir but I am self made.Gauri says doesn’t give value to money either. I don’t have parents.

Gauri pretends slipping from stairs. Everyone runs to her. vishwa says open your eyes. Vishwa says It is my fault that I called you daughter,you became so selfish. He says gauri please drink water. Kali says gauri I am ready to marry aryan. please drink water. I will do whatever you want. Please drink it. Gauri drinks the water.
Yug comes home. Manjiri says where were you? Kali has said yes to marry aryan. She is sacrificing her life. Yug says we are all, me you, sharmila.Kali should know what is better for her. She must have something in mind. We can just pray nothing else. Manjiri says come with me.
Gauri says to kali we will shop together. Kali says I am going to temple.

Manjiri and yug are there in temple. Manjiri says enough now its time that you two decide it. Yug says what decision? Kali says one your hearts have taken. the one you know still are pretending oblivion.Kali says I have decided and its final. manjiri says your love is eternal. Yug says manjiri maa please.. Manjiri says you can’t stop fate. Kali says what are you saying. You think wrong of me. Manjiri says you are right. People take you both wrong and part you but i know your relation is as pure as of raam seeta. Confess your love. I know it. If you two don’t become each others you wont be of anyone. Destiny will make you one.
Manjiri says my blessings will always be with you two.

Vishwa calls prohit and says have you matched kundlis. Prohit says okay I will. You should worry more about Gauri though. Vishwa says only happiness will be there in her life.I will fight fate for her.
Kali walks down the stairs,she falls. Yug holds her. Kali waits for rickshaw. Yug makes her sit in the car. He stands in front of her to protect her from sunlight.

Precap-Kali says what date? Gauri says double date. Me and yug and you and Aryan. Kali arrives there. yug smiles at her. Aryan dances with kali and yug with gauri.

Written Update by Atiba

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