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Kaala Teeka 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

kaala teeka watch online

Scene 1
Vishi maa and Yug come in. They hear someone, yug says this is chulbuli chachi. Chulbuli says to sharmila dadi will kill you if she finds this. Who will marry you? you will be here alone. Whatever guy does only girl is blamed. You’re not going to college anymore. Sharmila runs upstairs. Vishima asks her what happened? Chulbuli says this is our house’s matter. Yug says don’t call her that. She says you call servants outsiders. And don’t takl loud to me. Yug says you are teaching me manners and what you are doing to vishima what is this? She says you’re calling me illmannered for this outsider. She runs upstairs. Vishima says yug why you made a fuss. Yug says they have ruined Sharmila’s life. Just because she is a girl. This is wrong.

Vishwa says I hope they get ready for the marriage.
Sharmila says she has done this delibrately.
Mad says we will do this. Vishwa says Gauri’s wedding is my aim. I hope nothing gets wrong. sharmila says I will seek revenge from Neel and Gauri Jha. Vishwa says I hope this doesn’t get wrong. Sharmila says your bad days have started.
Mad says Kali is there, she is gauri’s kala teeka. The picture flies with the wind and falls in Kali’s feet. She picks it up. She turns it back.
Yug says finally I will have someone’s photo with mine here.
Vishwa takes the photo from kali, He says you have to save Gauri’s fate not to keep an eye on her fate.

Sharmila says I will do the same with her what she did with me. Chulbuli says you will kill him again? Sharmila says no. I will stick glue on his face. Vishima asks why are you both so worried? Chul says do your work.
Vishima asks Yug why is she mad? He says she is always mad.
A man comes in and sees going upstairs. Vishima you came back bhaiya? He says yes.
He says my son doesn’t want to come in front of me. Manjiri says in heart everyone in this house is worried.

Next morning, dadi does the pooja. Chul comes and says I wanted to help you in pooja but you ended it. Dadi says go and make fertilizer balls. Where is sharmila? She says college. Dadi asks is everything okay in college? She says yes. Dadi says she is studying till now. She is too old. Chul says its just two months.
Yug comes downstairs too. Manjiri gives her yellow jacket. She says please give this food to the poor people outside the temple. He hugs her. She says you’re going to find her right?
dadi says you made him wear yellow and you had to give him yellow bananas. Manjiri says I placed bananas in those boxes. Dadi says okay, don’t be so happy. If you think that you can control me like you control yug. Stay away from him on wedding. You saved him 14 years ago for that we let you live here.
No one knows where are you from.

Vishwa is doing pooja. Kali comes there. Gauri comes and says listen to me kali. Vishwa says I was waiting for you, I have to talk to you. Gauri says I have to do yoga and kali do my nazr meanwhile. I am super singer I have to go to an event.
Vishwa says talk to gauri. We have to go today. Kalyani says I tried talking she didn’t listen. You should send this proposal. Vishwa says I have found the best for her.

Kali says to neel everything will be okay. You just have to apologize God. Kali sees yug.
She says you don’t believe in all this. You are wearing yellow on Thursday and giving yellow food to poors. She says I am sure you have done this for you family. He says I am not doing this. Anyway, he leaves.

Precap-Aman says seeta was not found, we have all other idols. Yug says please find. Kali comes in with Seeta’s idol.

Written Update By Atiba


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