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Kaala Teeka 14th September 2016 Written Update

Epi starts with, Vishwa realizes Manjiri’s game and goes to confess his crimes. Manjiri tries to record same. But one group passes by beating drums and Manjiri not able to record voice.
Kali decides to tell truth to Yug. But before she could tell he leaves. Kali decides to leave the house. But Manjiri stops her. Kali says her preference is Naina’s safety and nothing else.

Next day DNA reports are at home. Vishwa is confident. Manjiri and Kali are scared. Vishwa taunts Kali and asks Yug to reveal reports. Yug reveals with smile that Naina is his daughter. Vishwa and Gauri are shocked(worth watching). Yug tells Kali he told her that no report is needed. Leela and Raghu are happy that they give gift to doctor. Vishwa is upset and says this cant be truth. Naina cant be Yug and Kali’s daughter. He is about to commit his crime. But doesnt. Manjiri instigates him. But Vishwa twists his words and tells no one knew Kali was pregnant before going missing. Manjiri tells there was Kali’s pregnancy report which was supposed to get deliver at house..But it didnt. Gauri is scared. Yug tells Vishwa now it is proven that Naina is his daughter and he doesnt want this topic to be repeated in house.

Manjiri and Kali comes to room. Manjiri closes door. Kali tells Manjiri that if Naina is Yug’s daughter that means Gauri is her mother. Gauri comes there and tells Manjiri that Leela had called her..Kali is about to reveal to Gauri but Manjiri stops her. Manjiri tells Kali she should not forget that Naina went missing from same house. Kali tells that means someone wants to harm Naina. Kali agrees not to tell anyone till the time who is that person is.

Vishwa and Purohit attacks on Nandu’s house with some goons. But Nandu’s mother doesnt reveal anything. Nandu comes home and goons beat him too. But he manages to throw goons out. Nandu’s mother reveals to Nandu that Vishwa is Kali’s badke papa. Vishwa asks her how does she know he is badke papa. Vishwa suspects that its Kali’s plan. He and purohit decide to find out truth about DNA reports.

In Chaudhary house, Kali is putting Naina to sleep. Yug comes there and asks her to give Naina. Kali hands over Naina to Yug. She is emotional looking at Yug playing with Naina. Gauri watches them and fumes with anger. Kali asks Gauri to play with Naina as well. But Gauri lectures her.

Next morning, Manjiri wakes up Kali and informs her that Leela has taken Naina to temple near lake for pooja. Kali is worried that its same temple where she found Naina. Manjiri and Kali comes to temple where everyone is there. Kali hides herself looking at poojari at temple. Chulbuli and Sharmila inform Leela they saw crocodile eggs near lake. Leela tells everyone not to go near lake. Gauri thought today crocodile will have feast in the form of Naina.

precap – Ox pulls Naina’s pram to lake. Pram goes deep inside lake. Crocodile approaches near pram and pulls the pram. Everyone sees this. Kali breaks down.

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