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Kaala Teeka 14th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Gauri says dadi I was getting ready. I kept your apple safe. Leela says I ask about apple? Gauri sneezes again.
Kali is on her way. she says why is neelu not picking up the call. Kali gets call form neel. Neel says you called? We’re out for lunch. Kali says we? Neel says me and sharmila. Why? Kali says nothing. Kali says why kaka lied to me? She says was that dadi and Gauri’s.. Kali asks driver to go back home.
Leela asks Gauri where is Yug. She says I don’t know. Leela says you don’t know about your husband. Can’t you call and ask him to come home. Chubul says these days kids.. Leela says you are not less. Chulbul says at least don’t compare me with her.
Kali says please drive fast.
Chulbul says traffic is jam pandit ji is stuck there. Leela says what about Yug? Gauri sayshe is not picking up. Yug comes home and says why so many calls dadi? Leela says there was a pooja. Go get ready.
Yug says what is this for? Leela says for your health.
Chulbul spills water on havan. Leela says why are you so stupid. Bring more wood.
Kali is stuck in traffic jam. Kali says please help me God. The pooja must have started.

Yug and Gauri are done with pooja. Pandit ji gives Yug apple. Leeela says give half to gauri. Gauri is about to eat. Kali stops her and takes the apple from her. Kali says this is my right. Even if you kill me I won’t give it to you. Gauri tries to snatch from her. Gauri says stop it. The apple falls in havan fire. Gauri says I won’t eat and wont let you eat either. Go take it if you can now. Kali says I am not scared of fire test. Kali puts hand in fire and takes out the apple. Manjiri and Sharmila come too. They are dazed. Kali screams but takes the apple out. Kali eats the apple. She says this is right of every daughter in law. you are bound with society norms and wanted make Gauri eat it when she didn’t even marry Yug. Only married women have right on this fruit.
Kali says my marriage my sindur then this is my right. Please why are you doing this? This won’t help with anything. I said before and will say again. As long as the world is here no one take this right from me. Manjiri says Yug how many tests does she have to give? Look at her. She is burned because of your love but your heart doesn’t melt. I am scared proving her love heart would break so much she will never fix. You used to play hide and seek with me when kids, you used to catch me, you said you could see me with closed eyes. Because you recognized me with heart. Where is that gone? I know these are your eyes but vision is someone else’. i will pray that you start seeing with your eyes and heart again. Leela says wow. Very good. Very good with words. But you know this is house, my house not a drama theater. Gauri says their drama never ends. These mom and daughter always interfere in matters of others. Leela says since I have gotten Yug married this is all that happens. There haven’t been a single moment of peace. Leela says come Yug. Yug goes with her.
Manjiri sees Kali’s burned hand.

Manjiri says I know you will fullfill rest of the 2 promises too.
leela comes to Gauri and hits her with a stick. Gauri says have you gone mad. Leela says that kali has just 2 promises left. You can’t do anything. Gauri says you don’t let me do anything. You do 70s things that didn’t work. I have to do something now.
Yug comes in kitchen and says kaka can i have coffee. Kali says he is out. I will make it. She tries to make coffee with her burned hand. Yug comes in. He takes the cup from her and beats the coffee himself. Kali tells him what to do. They both smile, the song ‘sab tera’ plays in background. Yug forget his watch in the kitchen. He comes out smiling and looks at his marriage photo with gauri.

Precap-Yug sees contraceptives in Kali’s drawer. he is dazed. Leela says to gauri now yug will keep thinking what has Kali done that she has to eat them.

Written Update by Atiba

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