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Kaala Teeka 14th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kali says I don’t want to marry Aryan. I don’t want to be with someone like him.
Vishwa and gauri are dazed.
Kali says he should be emotional and his feelings should be on his face.He should have a good heart and should protect me and think about my happiness and has family values. The one who can sacrifice for his family. The one who knows difference between right and wrong and the one who chooses right path. gauri says you wanted someone like yug? How will I find someone like him? Mad says she has other plans and cooking something in her mind. Gauri says mama please I trust kali. She says all those qualities are in aryan. He is like yug. Kali says I don’t mean I want someone like yug. Mad says then what is your problem. When vishwa and gauri are saying he is a good boy then? Do you need someone original like yug?
Mad says her heart beats for yug only. She needs yug.
Gauri says kali I can’t hear that about you. You are my best friend. You have to prove mama wrong and say yes for aryan. Vishwa says kali you have to decide right now.
Gauri says say something. Mad says she is hiding something. Vishwa says speak up kali. Gauri says prove mama wrong. please. You wont agree like this. Unless you decide I wont eat or drink anything. Vishwa says what is this gauri. Gauri says it really hurts me when I hear about kali and yug. That is why I want her to prove it all wrong. enough. She leaves. Vishwa says I want your decision by tomorrow morning. I wont eat until gauri does.

Next morning, Manjiri says on phone this is just an attempt to blackmail you. Gauri can’t make you do this. This is about your life. Will you ever love that man? Yug comes and takes the phone. Kali says manji maa I dont know what to do. Bady papa and gauri wont eat anything. All I did has gone in vain. yug is hearing everything.
Yug throws away the phone. Manjiri says control yourself. He says I can’t stay quite and let her ruin her life. Enough. He leaves. Manjiri says what is fate playing. Two people are made for each other yet ignoring it. They know what they have is special. They name is friendship. gauri has gotten what I told her. But all three are my kids. I have to help them.

Kali says gauri please open the door. I brought you favorite sandwiches. She is eating chips inside. Gauri says I wont eat anything, Vishwa says I think leela was right. Never give more than deserved. I was hasty in calling you daughter. kali says what haven’t I done till now for gauri? And you know I will always do. I always proved my loyalty. Vishwa says then why? Why are you going against your family and said no for aryan? And what is it that is more than us and gauri for you. My princess instead of laughing and dancing is hungry in there. There is something. Tell me what is it? Gauri says papa please don’t blackmail kali. I wont die if I don’t eat one day. She pretends fainting. Vishwa picks her up and takes her in. Servant comes and says yug has come. Vishwa says rest here Gauri. kali says has manji maa told yug?

Precap-Aryan has the stolen locket. Gauri says i don’t know what happened. Yug is going to meet aryan. Yug looks for aryan.He is about to sell the locket yug comes there.

Written Update by Atiba

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