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Kaala Teeka 13th November 2015 Written Update

kaala teeka watch online

Scene 1
Gauri says to madhui please let kaali stay here. Minister says let her stay here she is just a child. She is just playin. Whats your name? Kaali says kaali. He says what name is that. e asks whose daughter are you? Kaali says I am a rat. Like gaesh’s rat I am gauri’s rat. Prohit says she keeps roaming after gauri. i just said as a joke is that a rat since then she started calling herself rat. Vishwa says she is our neighbor’s son. minister says you have become lemon and spice wont you cu bad eye on Gauri? Gauri says i forgot. She takes rounds around Gauri.

After party vishwa is mad. Jt says i told you not to keep her here. She should have been thrown out of house. Manjali says she made a mistake. Vishwa says its your mistake. She shouldn’t have been in party. Mahdur says she ruined the party. Prohit says she should be used for what she is. Vishwa says minister is looking for a reason to insult us. Kaali comes in. She says dont be mad at manjali. She asked me not to come.

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