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Kaala Teeka 12th July 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Leela says save me please pandit ji. He says I can’t I am leaving you find a tantrik baba. Leela cries. Everyone tries to calm her down. Leela says when will you believe yug? When you see my dead body? Raghu says calm down maa please. Leela says I am going I don’t wanna talk to anyone. She takes Kali with her. Raghu says we can’t ignore this. We have to find out what is happening with her.
Leela is asleep. Yug fixes a camera in her room. Kali says we have to do something, her condition is worsening. Yug says you are right. Its about time we catch that ghost.
Gauri plays with her remote control ax. She takes it near Bijli. Bijli says what areyou doing. Gauri makes her roam around the room. Bijli says what if it hurt me. Gauri says this is not ax. This is a toy.
Didn’t you see how much I did with it. Now everyone believes there is a black shadow on dadi. And when Yug attacked me, Kali came to save me. Dadi was scared. This is all I wanted, that Yug and Kali stay away from each other. Bijli says wow you are awesome.
Kali says Gauri can’t do this. It can be Bijli. Yug says we will find out who it was. Kali says camera? Yug says its a CCTV. Its not just here. He shows her another camera at another spot. Another one in corridor. Yug has fixed cameras everywhere in the house. Kali says you have fixed cameras in whole house. Yug says there was no other option. Kali says you are right. This ghost has to come in front of everyone now.
Gauri sees a purple cloth and says now dadi’s ghost will be more strong. Bijli says but what will cutting her sari do? Gauri says this is a copy of her sari. She tells Bijli whole plan. Gauri says be careful of chulbuli chachi. She is very clever.
Chulbuli says on call to sharmila, the oldie is out of her mind. I have to take every step carefully. Sharmila says I am taking every step carefully too. Vishwa said he wants to talk to everyone tomorrow in the morning. Sharmila says okay you sleep. There was a camera where Chulbuli was standing.

Scene 2
Manjiri says I won’t sign these papers. You said you will give something to Kali. How can you give everything to neel? Vishwa says this is my decision. Neel says chacha ji she is right. Daughters have equal rights too. Vishwa says Neel you will have kids you will need more money. Manjiri says this marriage is just to show the world, in reality they are both unmarried. Vishwa says what are you saying. They love each other. Sharmila says yes I really love Neelkand. Manjiri says oh when you two spent time alone last time? When you are married you spend time together. but you two don’t even go out alone together. I have seen the world. Vishwa says at that time the situation wasn’t good. Now they both will go on holidays and thats my order. Manjiri smiles.

Scene 3
Bijli says Kali is going to make tea I will place these clothes in Leela’s room. Kali says oh I forgot my phone in room. Kali sees Bijli and says what are you doing? Why you look scared? Kali says because there is a ghost in the house. Kali says give me dadi’s clothes. Gauri breaks the plates to distract Kali. Kali turns back.

Sharmila says I don’t wanna go anywhere with you. Neel says when I was saying you stopped me. You were saying yes to everything. Vishwa comes in and says your pishima said too much today. I have gotten these tour plans for you guys. Sharmila says no need to take that seriously. Vishwa says no that was serious. You have to prove her wrong. You two will go now. Here are the tour plans.

Bijli quickly places the clothes in the closet.
Yug comes out, Kali collide with him. His papers fall. Yug holds Kali. Yug says I have an important meeting. Kali says all the best. He says not this way. Kali says then how? He comes close and says I asked to give me best of luck not to say it? Yug kisses her cheek. Kali says your camera is seeing. Yug says its just camera’s eyes, the vision in mine. Give me best of luck. Kali puts a handkerchief on the camera. Yug comes close to kiss her. Leela shouts.. Kali and Yug go there. Kali says there is blood and ashes on her sari. Gauri says in heart did Bijli change the plan? Raghu says what can this mean? Leela says someone is doing black magic on me. I told you call the tantrik baba.
Kali says we need proofs only and we have them. Yug nods. Yug takes out the camera and says here is the ghost. It will be in front of you. Gauri says stop CCTV is not needed, because I know who did it. She, bijli did it. You placed clothes in dadi’s room. And Kali you saw her coming here right? Bijli says yes I placed the clothes but tell them who asked me to. Yug bring the CD and says enough.

Precap-Yug says Kali I will sleep in dadi’s roon. I wanna see what happens there. Someone mixes something in his milk. Yug drinks it.

Written Update by Atiba

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