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Kaala Teeka 12th August 2016 Written Update

Yug shoves Kali out, Vishwa holds her. Vishwa says the wife who served you day and night who saved your life don’t you feel ashamed doing this to her? Yug says she should be ashamed that she misused my trust. vishwa says I won’t hear a single word against her. You know how humane she is. Gauri says she tried to kill my child. Vishwa says even if God comes and says that I won’t believe it. Leela says we have all seen it. Vishwa says you people don’t deserve her. Especially you. Kali says please calm down badky papa. Vishwa says you don’t deserve to live with these people who insult you like this. Come with me. He takes Kali with him.
Vishwa says don’t look back at them. Leela says to Yug its not easy to bear your husband’s child. Sharmila says I can’t believe Kali did all this. Gauri recalls mixing something in rangooli. Sharmila says there is something that we can’t see.

Kali says Manjiri I didn’t do anything. I don’t know how did this happen. Manjiri says I know you can’t do this and Yug has to answer this. Kali says why bady papa why is this happening with me. Vishwa says come sit here. Because no one cares for you in that house not even yug. He says thinks he can do whatever he wants that is why I brought you here so he can value you.
Manjiri comes to Yug and says you did so wrong with my Kali. She is owning another woman’s child. Yug says she was just pretending it. She is jealous inside. Manjiri is about to slap him. Manjiri says you are speaking someone else’ mind. Living with Gauri has made your mind like this. Yug says Gauri is my child’s mom and I know what Kali has done.
Kali says suicide note? What are you saying? Vishwa says not real one. Pretend it only then Yug can understand how it feels to lose you. Once he fears losing you he will come running to you. Kali says no I can’t do this. This is deceit. Vishwa says as a father I have to get you what is yours. Yug can’t do what he wants all the time. Lie for a good reason isn’t a sin. Trust me and write as I say. Vishwa says, I love you more than my own self.. He dictates and Kali writes. That is why I have decided I would end my life. I am going to take my life. Forgive me if you can, your Kali.

Doorbell rings, delivery man says these are Kali Chaudhary’s reports. She asked to drop these reports home. Gauri says I am Kali give them to me. Yug comes and asks who is it? Gauri says he came to deliver my old reports. Gauri stumbles, Yug holds her. He sees reports and says why is there Kali’s name on reports? Gauri says because I wasn’t living here back then. Yug says I am going to meet Kali. Tell dadi if she asks. Gauri says why? Yug says maybe this is all not done by her. I want to give her a second chance. He leaves. Gauri says I need to call papa.
Manjiri keeps calling Kali and says why is her phone out of coverage and so is Vishwa’s. Neel says what happened? Manjiri says Vishwa and Kali are out of reach. Do you know where they are? He says no I was out for work. Let me call Prohit. Neel calls Prohit. Prohit says Vishwa is here doing havan but Kali isn’t here. Neel tells Manjiri.

Gauri calls Vishwa and tells him Yug is coming to pick Kali. Vishwa says he won’t get anything here. Vishwa is at cliff with Kali. Kali says why are we here? Vishwa says to turn a lie into truth. The lie you wrote in suicide note. We have to make it truth. Manjiri and Neel are looking for Kali.
A man tells them he saw them going towards cliff.
Kali says what are you saying. Vishwa says wait know your reason to die first. Gauri’s child that I tried to kill I won’t be forgive for that.
Manjiri calls Yug and tells him everything. He says I am coming. kali says why are you doing this to me. What have I have I done.Vishwa says because you are pregnant with Yug’s child and he will take everything from Gauri’s child. Kali says I am pregnant but that reports. Vishwa says prohit got them changed. Because I asked him. Kali says that means I am pregnant. Vishwa says don’t be so happy he is never gonna come in this world and no one will know about him. The kala teeka that protected my gauri, its about time she should die. You are great. You lived and served us and now your death will serve us too. You took everything from Gauri now I will get her back.
They hear neel and Yug looking for her.

Precap-Vishwa puts his hand on Kali’s mouth. He shoves her off the cliff.

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