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Kaala Teeka 11th May 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Kali comes downstairs with her stuff. Manjiri says sanyu fish eye is your target like arjun. Kali hugs her. Manjiri says go and stay strong. kali leaves.
Neel says to sharmila can you talk to dadi once? For kali? Please. Sharmila says you think She would listen to you? If she had I would never have married you. And kali did this herself.
Kali says give me strength God and leaves the house.

They come to house. Leela says wait yug. He says I didn’t say anything there now please. Leela says I beg you please. yug nods. Leela says we have to do greh parvesh. Chulbul places rice bowl. Kali says let me do this. Gauri says this is my right. Kali says my steps are blessed. Chulbul says whose arti should I do? Of both. Kali does the greh parvesh and enters the house with yug.
Leela says to Kali you can stay in guest room upstairs. Come. this is your house. Gauri is angry. Kali sees yug. He leaves.
Yug comes to kali’s room and says why are you doing this? You have already messed my love and life. You chose this over married life? You have become kala teeka again. you used blind beliefs to come see me this way. Now you are quite like always. Like nothing happened. Kali says my right has been taken from me. I am here to get it back. He says what right? She says right of a wife. He says I hate you. And the right you are talking about you lost it. The seeta I waited all life for is dead for me today. He leaves. Kali says in heart I even value your hatred.
Gauri says this is just beginning. you wont be able to bear his hatred.

At night, photographer comes and says these are wedding photos choose the ones for albums. Manjiri says okay. She says so many photos but none prove that Kali was the bride. Now I know why maaji did all this. she sees a photo in which kali’s slight face is appearing.Manjiri says I have to tell kali about this picture.

Gauri comes and says kali how i look? Dadi gave me this sari. For a ritual.This is yug’s fav color. Kali says don’t you know? So you are asking yug’s wife? This sari was given by dadi. yug have me these bangles. He brought colors in my life.
Leela says all the candles are here. New bride is here. She will lit the candles. Kali comes too. Kali says I should be here for this blessed pooja. You all know what gauri’s kundli is like. Leela says okays stand here. Leela asks gauri tot take rice from the box. She can’t open it. Kali says let me do this. Gauri says there is something inside it. Yug goes, kali says bride should do this. If she can’t then kala teeka would. Kali takes out the rice. Leela says lit the candles. She tries to open oil jar. It slips from her hand. kali says you spill all the oil. You couldn’t do it. Stand up I can do this. She prepares arti plate. Kali says i did everything for you so you never learned anything. Kali does the entire ritual. Kali says pooja is done. Gauri leaves in anger.

Precap-Kali says thank you manji maa.Manjiri says show this picture to yug. Yug might trust you and fill your hairline again.

Written Update by Atiba

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