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Kaala Teeka 11th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Gauri says Kali please stop I heard what you were talking about. I want to help you. This is about my family. Please lets forget everything. Lets go. They sit in the car.
Sharmila comes to bus stand and hugs shekhar. She says this bag has all the jewelry. Shekhar says it was not needed you worth more than these to me. He says sit here I am bringing water. Sharmila says come soon. Shekhar sits on his bike. He says I can leave anyone for these. Sharmila says where is he going on bike.. She screams shekhar. Some thugs come and surround Sharmila. Kali comes there to rescue. She stands in front of Sharmila. Kali says don’t come near. They start touching and teasing Kali too. Gauri sees shekhar on bike. Kali picks the axe and says go away. I will kill you all.
The thugs grasp her and Sharmila. Gauri is hidden behind the car. Police comes. Sharmila says I can’t come in front of police. The thugs run away. Shekhar’s bike is broken.He says cops he catch me with jewelry. He leaves the bag and runs. Gauri picks the bag and says this can be of use. She throws the bag in garbage.
Sharmila hugs Kali and says thank you. Kali says neel really loves you he always wants to keep you happy. And this shekhar he never loved you he just wanted your jewelry. sharmila is crying. Kali says give your marriage a new chance. gauri comes there. Sharmila says Gauri came with me. Gauri says he ran away. Kali says this should stay between us three. No one else should know. Gauri says I won’t tell anyone. Gauri says I will drop you two to manji maa and then go home.

Manjiri is worried. She says I hope they are okay. Sharmila comes in tears. Manjiri says if you have anything in heart you can tell me. You should go and rest. Kali hugs manjiri. Manjiri says you fulfilled your fourth promise too. Manjiri gives her a ring. She says this is your gift. You saved our honor too.
Leela gives yug milk. Gauri comes in with a bag. Leela says where did you go? Gauri says I saved the honor of this house. Leela says answer us what we asked. Gauri shows them the jewelery. She says these are sharmila’s. Chulbul says show me. Where did you find them? SHe says yes these are sharila’s. Gauri says I didn’t find them I saved them. Sharmila wanted to run away with her lover. Yug says mind your languauge she is my sister. Gauri says there is a servant in papa’s house sanjevna. He saw her leaving with the bag. so I ran to bus stand. I called police. Sharmila was surrounded by thugs. Police came there and they ran away. I took the bag from her lover. Yug says is she okay? Chulbul says let me call her. Gauri says no. Sharmila begged me not to tell anyone.
Chulbul says you are so nice thank you. Leela says you have saved our honor. Yug says thanks gauri. GAuri says its one of the promises. Leela says very well. Come rest now. Yug says in heart why can’t I trust her?

Scene 2
Next day, kali is making pots. Sharmila comes out. Kali says sit. Sharmila says wow. She says I am so embarrassed about last night. I feel so bad. I am so hesitated to apologize pishima. I can’t even face neel. I just want to say you thanks. I don’t know how will I return your favor. Kali says this is not a favor. She goes in. yug has overheard all this. yug puts his hands above Kali’s while making potery. He says what nature is this? You helped everyone and hide. you dont want people to know about your good deeds? Kali says God gives you ten more time credit. Yug says you are not selfish and do everything with no expectation of return. Kali says maybe.

Sharmila comes in. Leela slaps her and says what you thought you can humiliate us, Thank God Gauri saw you and saved you. She told us everything. Sharmila is dazed. Sharmila says you are amazing. gauri didn’t save me. Kali did. Leela is dazed.
Kali’s hair are on her face. Yug blows them away. Sharmila says Kali fought four thugs for me and didn’t tell anyone and you want to give credit to that gauri? Open your eyes and see who wants your better and who is fooling you.
Yug says what happened was wrong. but the bride didn’t even talk to me. Kali says I have forgotten all that. What has happened has happened and needs to be fixed. Our relation will live a new life.

Precap-Prohit gives an apple to Leela says half should be eaten by Yug and half by his wife. Leela gives gauri two apples and says right one is real. She gets confused and gives wrong one to Kali;.

Written Update by Atiba

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