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Kaala Teeka 11th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Gauri says never show me your face again. Mad says why you did this with my daughter. Kali knocks at door. Gauri says ask her to go from here. Mad says please open the door. Kali says how can I change her thoughts.
Mad says to gauri understand her game. She is trying to take your place. Gauri says she can never become Gauri jha. Mad says don’t do anything in anger. Don’t let her take any sympathies. Yug is trying to protect her. He likes her. If this converts into love nothing will be left. Gauri says I can’t see yug with someone else. He is just mine. Mad says I will do something. Mad says forgive her in front of everyone else right.

Gauri comes to kali and says show me what have you brought for me? Kali says you didn’t want to see my face. Kali says my day doesn’t pass. Kali says I didn’t ask yug.. garui says he did right. It was my mistake. You know I love yug. Even if he says I love you kali you will say no to him. Right? Kali nods. Gauri makes her wear chunri. She says I am seeing how will you look as a bride. you will be alone here when I leave. Kali says yes I will be. you are my friend here. Gauri says we should get married together. I will find a guy for you.Kali says are you out of your mind? Kali says no. This is not a game. Gauri says I will find someone like yug for you. Kali says I have to go from here.
Gauri says to vishwa papa I want to talk to you about kali’s marriage. vishwa says what.This is not possible. Gauri says we can do this for her. I want her to get married. I will find her a guy. vishwwa says she is your kala tekka, she wont get married. Gauri says what has it got to do with her marriage. We have to find a guy who accepts her this way. vishwa says where will we find that guy? Gauri says I will just once say yes. Vishwa says you are so stubborn, okay.

Gauri is ready for sangeet. Kali is about to make her wear chunri. Vishwa says gauri wont wear this. Kali will wear it first like childhood. Kali will absorb all bad vibes from it. Kali says no bady papa I wont wear it.I told you before. Blind beliefs are harmful.Our wishes are for her. Mad says we know your plan. Kali says I don’t need to wear this to prove my lovee for gauri. Vishwa says you are right nothing is more important than love and wishes. But for gauri’s happiness, for a father. Kali nods.
Kali wears it. Vishwa says you have done your responsibility. You will wear this today. He gives her colorful dress. Kali says how can I? He says they will look good on you. Kali takes them. She is in tears.
Mad says have you lost it? Today Gauri needs more protection she should wear black.Vishwa says I know what I am doing. If leela sees her in black she wont allow her in. Gauri says in heart yug will find her attractive more.

Kali asks gauri how I look?Gauri says so good. Vishwa says my life’s greatest responsibility was gauri’s wedding. I can’t thank you enough. Kali says I am always there for her. Vishwa says its about time you think about your happiness too. I want you to meet someone. Aryan.. A guy comes in. Gauri says this is aryan. And Aryan will be your dancing partner today. If everything goes well he will your life partner too. Vishwa says yes.

Precap-Yug dances with Kali. Gauri is mad.

Written Update by Atiba

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