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Kaala Teeka 11th February 2016 Written Episode Update

kaala teeka watch online

Scene 1
Vishwa says my Gauri has won all of these awards. I am so happy. He gives a silver coin to her. gauri says I don’t need it. vishwa says this will help you in coin, good luck coin. Gauri says give it to kali, she will give the exam. SHe needs it. Everyone is daze.d Gauri says give it to her. Okay I will give it to her, she gives brings kali in and says all the best, you have to win trophies and medals for me. She says Neel lets go. They go out. Vishwa shouts what is this? Will someone answer me? Is this What I gave my daughter to you? Kalyani says no. I did everything. I told her that this kali is your kala teeka. But I don’t know what kali did to her. gauri can’t see anyone else. This kali really like studying. she wants to be more genius than gauri. Vishwa shouts no. Kalyani says forgive me, i lost. Mad says this is black magic. Vishwa says black magic can’t even touch my daughter. I will get her married to a guy who will take all her troubles.

Sharmila says on call, yes baby bye. Yug says your bill must be too long. He says please look for gauri in.
Kali and Gauri come in. Kali says I dont like giving exams in your place. This is wrong. Bady papa would be glad to see your first. gauri says okay I am going, tell kalyani that you don’t wanna help me. I will fail the exam. Gauri says no one would know. Neel is on invigilation.
Yug sees that Sharmila has forgiven her phone. Yug sees kali and says you can return my favor. My di forgave her phone. He tells her sharmila’s name.
Kali comes and finds gauri’s seat. She asks for sharmila chaudhary. She finds sharmila’s friend and gives her the phone.
Sharmila is in the class as examiner. Kali says oh God neel is not coming? Sharmila says no cheating. Kali’s paper slips. Sharmila reads her name, she says you are not gauri jah.v Gauri and neel are peeking in. Sharmila says who the hell are you? Stand up. I know who she is. Don’t move. Kali stands up. Sharmila looks for pricipal. Neel stops Sharmila and kisses her. The paper falls down. He goes. Sharmila stands there in tears. Professor comes and says what is this? This is college. Sharmila says its not my fault. I was coming to tell you about gauri. Professor says don’t involve her. She says I was telling you someone else is giving exam in place of gauri jha. She comes in the class with him.

Precap-Yug is looking for Kali. Kali is singing the song somewhere. Neel looks for her.

Written Update By Atiba


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