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Kaala Teeka 10th June 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Yug stops pandit ji outside the house. He says you are the same pandit who said that Kali got married that night in temple and showed the footage? Pandit says I didn’t what aryan? I don’t know any Aryan. Yug says in heart something is being concealed. I never took name of Aryna. Gauri is overhearing and says why he said no?
She turns back. Kali is there. Kali says now you will keep thinking about it and won’t be able to sleep. So let me tell you.. Kali tells her leela went to give Kalash to pandit. She said I would have given anything happily but this Kalash. Pandit said I know how unique and important this is. Leela left. Pandit said I helped you in kicking out that kali. Kali came there and said you are blackmailing her for something that has no worth. I would tell everyone that I never married yug. He said why would you do that? Kali said this kalash is our family’s. Which jail would you want to go? Pandit ji said no no please this kalash is yours. Kali said you are servant to of God. Why are you choosing wrong path.
Kali says you desire has made you weak. You want to insult dadi. I am alive. I promised that I will protect honor of this house. Gauri says keep seeing dreams. What will you do after fulfilling these promises? For world I am Mrs. Yug. Including dadi. Kali says same dadi you wanted to insult today? I could make that pandit say truth but I know how much yug loves dadi. I don’t want him to be hurt. Gauri says like you really care about yug. Kali says I do but you wont understand. You can never love anyone but yourself.

Manjiri recalls Sharmila’s behavior. Kali comes and tells manjiri everything. Manjiri gives her an anklet as gift and makes her wear it. Kali says your thread is wrong way. Why are you so distracted? Whenever I meet you, you look worried and bady papa too. You have to tell me what it is? Manjiri says nothing. You have a lot more troubles. Kali aren’t I your daughter? Manjiri says this is related to your house too. Kali says what is it about? Manjiri says Sharmila and tells her everything. Manjiri says the way she is behaving, it will be too bad for this house.
Shekhar calls Sharmila. He says I wish I had never met you. SHe says why are you saying that? He says I have bought pills too. Come here or I will kill myself. Sharmila says I am coming to you. He says forever? She says yes forever. He says I have even left my house. Sharmila says I have my jewelry. He says yes come with it on bus stop at 9. She says okay.

At 9 pm, Sharmila packs jewelry and money. Neel comes and says sharmila? She is scared. She turns back. She says its rainy season. so I have packed my fancy saris. He says oh okay. Take money out of my wallet and give it to tailor. She says okay.

Leela says Kali could make pandit confess but she didn’t. Yug comes to her.
Yug asks leela what is happening? Isn’t he the same pandit who said Kali married Aryan? Leela says no. He said something? Yug says how he knows Aryan’s name then? Leela says I don’t remember anything. I am very old. Yug says wow I am surprised. You dont remember we went to see footage with him. Leela says I dont remember his face. Why are you thinking all this? You need rest. Yug says don’t you think kali is right? Leela says its not about what you think. Its about what society wants. Yug says leave them. Leela says marriage is for society and for them you and gauri are married. I am helpless in front of society.

Kali comes in Yug’s room. She gets a bruise. He says let me dress it. Kali says thank you. He dresses her wound. The song ‘sanam re’ plays in background. Yug says who are you Kali? Whats the mystery? Kali says ask your heart. You will have the answer.
At night, Sharmila is sneaking out. Manjiri sees the gate open and says who left if open? Sharmila is running out. She says I am tired of this marriage. I can’t do it anymore so I am leaving to the man who loved me.
Manjiri sees her going. she says if vishwa gets to know the doors of this house will forever be closed for sharmila.
Manjiri calls Kali. Kali says I will stop sharmila and talk to her.
Kali runs out.

Precap-Some thugs surround Kali. She says don’t come forward. They keep coming..

Written Update by Atiba

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