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Kaala Teeka 10th December 2015 Written Update

kaala teeka watch online

Scene 1
Vishwa says ask this woman, the woman who has conditions cant wear sindur anymore. I gave kali everything now this woman has no right to wear sindur of my name. Manjiri says no one has this right. I am the one sitting on fire. She takes the knife and slits her hand. She fills her hairline with blood. Vishwa says go from here.
Jethi says in heart vishwa’s hatred will burn you. only neel will be left.

Kaali says ram ji you saved me thank you for everything. Do something that gauri can see with her eyes. Gauri wakes up. She opens her eyes and says kaali. Kaali hugs her. She says can you see? gauri says yes. Why did you not come. Kaali says i will tell you later. lets go tells bady papa.
Kali comes downstairs and says bady papa gauri can see now. Everyone is dazed and smiles. Vishwa hugs gauri. Vishwa hugs gauri as well.
Prohit says i know this is a lie but how does this happen every time. She is actually a kaala teeka. Vishwa says can you see everything? gauri says yes i can.
Vishwa says kali has saved you. prohit says she ate her bad eye. Manjiri says this is because of their love. and love is only white not black.

Kaali tells gauri about ram. She says he really saved me from thugs. I had so much fun. Gauri says you really met ram ji. Kaali says yes.
Jethi massages vishwa’s feet. Vishwa says why are you doing this? She says i have to. Jethi says i am so mad at manjri. she left you still you let her come back. why? Vishwa says to hurt her.
She has made me cry. Its her turn now. Jethi says why are you accepting this kaala teeka? Vishwa asks her to be quite.

manjiri comes with clothes for kali. she says you wont black from now. Vishwa takes it from her and burns them. he says my kali wont wear these. i will buy her clothes myself. Mad bring 100s of good clothes. And they should have all the colors but black. Kali hugs vishwa. He says just wear these black for a few days more. Kaali says yes. He says now go you both sleep. Kali says manji maa come sleep with us. Vishwa says no she wont go in. She will sleep here outside. Jethi says its cold. He says i dont care. She has to pay for her mistakes. Go and sleep everyone.
Kali goes in but she is worried for manjiri.
Kaali and gauri sleep together. She says manji saved me when i was punished. I cant live without her. Kali comes to manju and covers her with a blanket. She says you should say sorry to bady papa. I will make you sleep like you used to.

Next morning kali tells manji that bady papa bought us ice cream it was so much fun. We will go to garden tomorrow. he is so nice. Gauri comes and says papa promised that he will take us out every day.
manjiri says in heart have i made a mistake? i doubt his behavior.

Precap-Vishwa says to Jethi somehting. he says i will break all my promises. That kaali is lemon and spices. Manjiri overhears it.

Written Update By Atiba


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