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Kaala Teeka 10th August 2016 Written Update

Scene 1
Yug says I am married to Kali and no one can take her place. I told this to Gauri and she has agreed. Vishwa throws his knife and leaves.
Vishwa comes to Gauri and says don’t cry. I should, its my mistake. Gauri says don’t blame yourself. You chose Yug for me and Kali in between. I don’t know what magic she did that Yug.. whole world considers me culprit. My own father left me. What could I do? I am still your innocent princess your can’t see in tears.

Kali comes to hospital, he says you should get this blood test done. Kali says I shouldn’t tell my husband till I get the reports? She says yes I would suggest. Kali is looking for rikshaw. She sees vishwa and is very happy. Kali is about to touch his feet. Vishwa says sit in the car. Kali sits. Vishwa takes Kali to a cliff. Kali says where have you brought me? Vishwa says I am sure you don’t know about this place but you have a strong connection. 21 years ago, I took you out from here. Your father burried you here. Then I came and saved you. I gave you a house, clothes, food, and a family that was Brahmin and when were you old enough I was a father and got you married. And that too with the guy you wanted. But its about time that you payback for the favors. Kali says what are you saying? Vishwa says if you consider me you badky papa and don’t wanna see my dead face then divorce Yug. Kali says what are you saying? Vishwa says can you do that? Kali says you gave me a life and now want to take it from me? You want my love’s sacrifice I can’t give it. The day you got me married changed my identity, my life, my everything is for my husband. What you are asking for, is not in my rights. This is unfair to my husband. You can ask for my life I will easily give but I can’t give up on my husband. Forgive me. Vishwa says forgiveness? I wouldn’t have given you if you had agreed to me? This is what I expect from you. This was just a test. I was testing what will you do if I ask you to give up on your husband and I am glad to know that you have learned what Manjiri told you right. You own this mangalsutra and sindur. I am proud of you. Kali says really? Vishwa says yes. Kali hugs him. Vishwa says now you have passed the test, let me drop you home.
Vishwa drops Kali home and says wouldn’t you come in? Vishwa says I can’t face Gauri. Her feats have hurt me so much. Kali says don’t be sad once she delivers the child we will think something good for her future. Vishwa says yeah.
Yug is calling Kali. He says why isn’t she picking up? Kali comes home. Vishwa says where were you I called? Kali says my battery was dead. yug says what did doctor say? Kali says reports will be here by tomorrow. Kali says did badky papa come here? Yug says yes how you know? Kali says he told me. He came to meet me. yug says he must have blamed you as well. Kali says no he wants us to be together. He was so good to me. Everything will be okay now. Gauri overhears this.

Scene 2
Gauri comes to Vishwa, Gauri says leave the pooja and get ready to see your daughter dead. What you thought you would plan with Kali and I won’t know? What are you made of? Doesn’t my condition matter to you? Vishwa says it does. Gauri says you would have thought about me if it did. I thought you would see me this way and have some love for me. You are like them. When my father isn’t with me then why should I live? She picks up the trishun. Gauri says I will end this story today. You should stay happy with your daughter Kali. Vishwa takes it from her. Vishwa says who said Kali is more than you? kali can never take your place. You are my princess. I remember when you were born my life was complete. Every revenge is not taken with anger, sometimes you have to use the sharpness of love. gauri says means? Prohit says you will understand with time. He shows reports to Vishwa. Vishwa says Kali is pregnant? Gauri says how do you have these reports? Prohit tells her how he bribed the doctor. Prohit says now they will write that Kali isn’t pregnant. Gauri says but what would that change? Vishwa says that no one will know she is pregnant. Kali won’t even. we will do something that kali’s to be born child doesn’t even get his father’s name. Gauri hugs him and says you are the best. I love you. Vishwa says you will always be my princess and I will do anything for you. Gauri says please do it soon. I can’t live without Yug. Vishwa says I just want 48 hours and Kali will be out of Yug’s life this is a father’s vow to his daughter. Gauri says 48 hours? but how? Prohit shows a pill and says this is how. Gauri says what is this? Vishwa says let me tell you. He tells her the entire plan.

Kali is crying in her room.

Precap-Yug sees pills and says these medicines are used for abortion. Kali says what are you saying? Yug says you brought these contraceptives Kali? Dadi says you did this Kali? Kali says its not like that. Leela says how can a woman tolerate her husband’s child in another woman’s womb.

Written Update by Atiba

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