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Kaala Teeka 10th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Gauri says he saved Kali, wow. but he looked angry young man. He was shouting at Kali. Vishwa says Gauri your tai ji told me you went out to meet yug. She says yes. Vishwa says where is kali? Gauri says actually I had to submit something in college and I sent kali to meet yug, I mean to say sorry that I couldn’t come. She goes upstairs. Kalyani says are you seeing? Kali is already between them.

Yug says to kali am I not getting married to you? Kali says I am not the one you will be living your life with. Yug says then who are you? She says I can’t explain. He says what can’t I understand. Kali says I.. He says I need an answer. Who are you? She says this question doesn’t mean anything. She is the girl you have been looking for. She is Gauri Jha. You are getting married to her. Yug is dazed. The gauri jha you wanted to meet, the one you are fan of. I promised you. See fate did it, itself. I wasn’t needed. yug turns back. Kali says in heart, they are made for each other. I will make them one.

Vishwa does the arti. Kali comes in. Vishwa says kali.. she says yes. She comes near him and says I met yug and he had been looking for gauri since days. Their relation is blessed. Tomorrow I will gauri meet yug. Vishwa says I am trusting you, don’t break it. Kali says I am not that bad. I still remember what manji maa taught me.

Yug comes to Manjiri and says I don’t know what to do. I need answers. Life is playing games with me. She says what happened? He says I met kali. She is gauri jha, the one I am marrying. The one I have been looking for me. What life wants from me. It is taking me to the girl I loved. On the other hand, it is asking me for Sharmila’s life. She says sometimes we should let things be. Maybe neel is made for sharmila. Maybe he will keep her happy. And you should be happy kali is not like what you thought. We choose friends ourselves and she is like what you thought.

Kali comes in and says where are you gauri? She sees yug’s facebook on her laptop. Kali says come out, I wont say anything. Gauri comes out. Kali says I am glad to know you feel for him. she says wait I don’t. I was just testing him. He has to give a lot of tests. Kali says your stupid tests. She says don’t say that. Kali says will you meet him tomorrow? Gauri says not so easily. He doesn’t deserve my shadow yet. Kalui says that is why you are stalking him? Gauri says he has to be on his knees. Kali says he already is. A fan called you, Gauri says is he the same guy? Why didn’t you tell me before. They play with a teddy and lie together on bed. Gauri says I love you, I am so lucky to have you in my life. Vishwa sees them together.
Kali says yug and bady papa both have counted on me. I hope he trusts me enough so I can tell him tai ji’s reality one day. Help me.

Kali and Gauri are at cafe. Kali says see he is on time. Gauri says I will judge him. Kali says lets go. Gauri says in heart he is hot. Kali comes, gauri hides behind her. Kali says gauri is here. Gauri comes from behind her. She says hi. he says I have seen you before. She says maybe. He says outside coffee shop. Kali says sit here, I will sit there. Yug says why? I need an answer. When you knew that she is the same gauri I have been lookin for then why didn’t you tell me? Gauri says I asked her not to. Because you wanted to meet as a fan. He says okay. Kali walks, Yug says you sit here. Gauri says yes please why are you so formal. Sit here. Kali says no what will I do here. She walks out. Kai sits on another table.
Yug orders tea, gauri says a tea for kali as well. And a cold coffee for me as well. He says I like tea a lot. Gauri says kali like tea too. She needs tea every hour. You and she has a lot in similar. Yug says its true that I wanted to meet you after listening your voice. I tried but I couldn’t. Now when we have met, I am not as happy as I thought I would be. Yug says its not easy to forgive your brother for what he has done. Nothing is more important than di for me. You know how families are. You know its complicated but we will find a way. I am sorry I couldn’t say it a better way. She says I like your honesty. He says you can say whatever you want. She says no. He says thanks for coming. I am sorry if something I said hurt you. The waiter spills tea on yug’s hand. Kali comes running and says are you okay? Gauri says he saved me otherwise the tea would have spilled on me.

Precap-Kali is in temple. Kali writes a question how can someone’s blind trust be broken? Manjiri comes there too.

Written Update By Atiba


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