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Kaala Teeka 10th February 2016 Written Episode Update

kaala teeka watch online

Scene 1
Kali is doing pooja. That guy’s dadi is there as well. The candles are blowing one after another. Kali says the old woman’s candles are blowing. I should help her. she lits one from another. Dadi sees her doing this.

Vishwa sees a card and is shocked and angry. He throws it away. He says are you joking with me prohit ji? Have you forgotten that 14 years bhaiya made a prophecy, that Gauri will have to risk everything for her husband. So I want her to get a guy who would risk anything for her. Go and find a guy like that. It should be written in his kundli that he will always be with his wife. Time is running out. If Gauri’s wedding is delayed then it will create problems for her. Mad says why are you so mad? We will find a prince charming for her. Please relax, I am dying to have a moment with you. Lets have tea. Vishwa says go mad, when I find ram for my daughter I will come to you. My responsibility will be over. Kalyani says in heart this is really good. Gauri wont get married from this house.
Dadi says what are you doing this? Which caste do you belong to? Kali is quite. How dare you to touch it. That guy comes and says all people are equal. We are known to each other by humanity. We can’t decide who is greater and lesser. It was decided centuries ago. He says this is all our self made categories. We were all made by God, right? He says you are always found in trouble. You can’t say thank you today, because there is no car around. No worries say it later. He says lets go dadi. Lets have colddrink or lassi. He leaves. Kali comes downstairs as well, she is smiling.

Gauri says I just came to college to chill. She collides with a girl. Its that guys’s sister. Gauri comes to her and says Ms. Mobile.. She says my name is sharmila chaudhary. Gauri says this is my table. She says sit somewhere else. This is my bag. In whole Mithla no one can have same bag like me. Sharmila says pooja has the same bag. Gauri says that is copy. Sharmila says I wont get up. What you come for college? To take selfies? Or to misuse your dad’s money. Gauri says you can’t compete with me. You will end up in kitchen so jealous of us. Sharmila says I have a call. Sharmila says yes baby. I am wearing indian. Gauri says she is lying. she is wearing off shoulder top. I will talk to you after class. Gauri keeps annoying her.
Sharmila says if you mess with me I will hang you to the fan. Gauri says I am gauri jha. You can’t mess with me. Sharmila says get lost. Sharmila says in heart is she the same gauri yug was talking about? I think no. her voice is so awful.

Kalyani is in the house. Kali comes in. Kalyani says you went to temple? Did you ask me? Kali says bady papa asked gauri to.. Kalyani says i am asking whom did you ask before leaving? Kalyani says come here. She says don’t do this again. got it? She says I will cut your fingers if you do it next time.

Sharmila comes home and says I wont leave gauri. Yug says you just said gauri? Is she married? what will happen to me? Sharmila says this is aman’s problem right? He says yeah but he is my friend. Sharmila says this is not that gauri. She is so rude. She has such a bad voice. Yug says yeah she is mannerless. Sharmila says lets see what i did to her.
Aman calls yug and says my company owner is calling all participants in audition.

Precap-Yug sees kali and says thank you, kali says for what? He says you will do me a favor. Please give this phone to my sister. I can’t go in. Kali takes it from him. He says why are you being shy? I haven’t proposed you.

Written Update By Atiba


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