So till now, we experienced observed Jodha having abducted because of the rapists cum robbers when she manages to totally free herself form Khaibar.

As Jodha’s luck might have it, she was before long rescued by Khaibar who identified her just at the right time and also defeat up the criminals. Jodha realizes that Khaibar is soon after her for the reason that he loves her and she decides to stay with him till she finds a safer spot for herself. The villagers, taking a look at Jodha with the human beats, consider attacking him nevertheless the Begum intervenes and saves the giant from getting harmed.

Akbar also manages to find Jodha and searching at him, the Begum rushes for being with him. Nevertheless, even though approaching Akbar, Jodha finally ends up Just about slipping from a mountain cliff. Jalal hurries up to avoid wasting her by using a rope as does Khaibar.

Although rescuing Jodha, Khaibar notices that she is a lot more inclined toward Jalal than him and he realizes that she belongs to him. He further more realizes that He’ll get rid of Jodha forever given that Jalal has located her.

The moment Jodha and Jalal reach the surface in the cliff safely and securely, they check with Khaibar to climb up. But, for their utter shock, Khaibar calls out Jodha’s identify and jumps off the cliff having a smile on his confront.

Khaibar ends his life abandoning Jodha and Jalal unhappy at his surprising Dying.

Jalal moves with Jodha to their camp and he arranges for any medical Check out-up for her. The medical professional asks if Jodha is okay or not. She responses that she had to run and starve herself during the previous few days. The health practitioner examines her and states that she is okay and should manage her babies. Jalal receives furious to learn about the issues his unborn heirs need to deal with as a consequence of Jodha’s actions.

Jodha attempts describing her situation to Jalal but he tends to make the identical issue as he did previously about her Moi hassles and stubborn mother nature. Jalal brings back again Jodha to Agra and she is welcomed by Hamida lovingly.

Jalal retains Jodha’s hand whilst getting into the palace so as to make it crystal clear towards the masses that He’ll hold her with dignity even once the incident involving Khaibar.

Jodha feels excellent when Jalal holds her fingers. But, her happiness are going to be limited-lived as quickly a nasty news is going to be arriving in her chamber similar to a jolt.

Guess what?

Jalal will likely be saying his marriage with Atifa in the coming track. That’s Seems Peculiar as Atifa is by now a married lady. And, we are already telling you ways we find Jalal’s fascination for Atifa genuinely suspicious.

But to know the truth, we must hold out and check out what occurs.


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