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Jodha Akbar 8th July 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene one
Jodha prays to lord that i am in challenge again, give me energy to perform justice with my son and husband. Ruks comes in backyard garden, she request hoshiyar to pluck bouquets as she wish to put them in her hairs, Hoshiyar says but Jodha use these flowers in her pooja, Ruks gets angry and inquire are you currently my servant or hers? Hoshiyar plucks, Ruks states i will acquire about Jodha’s things.
Ruks involves Jodha, Jodha inquire did you talk with Salim? Ruks says yes but he isn’t listening, Jodha claims Jalal is not really listening as well, Ruks question what you have determined, i mean a single side is your son and otherside is your niece, Jodha states i have no solution for this, i cant hurt Jalal or Salim, nor am i able to damage Mann, Ruks claims but you have to acquire selection, Hoshiyar comes and states to Ruks that i have plucked bouquets According to your order, Jodha seems to be on, Ruks thinks that he do Erroneous factors at Completely wrong time, she provides flowers to Jodha and claims i have received these for your Pooja, perhaps your Kahna clear up this problem, she leaves.
Jodha relates to Jalal and suggests Salim is your son, He’s stubborn like you, Jalal claims i have decided and will not budge, Jodha says Salim is our son and if he doesnt appreciate Mann then whats the necessity to this marriage? Jalal claims he should have determined that ahead of expressing Sure for relationship, I’ve given words and phrases and i am king, i cant go back on my text, I’ve some obligations as king, Jodha states you might have responsibilities as father as well, Aram comes there and exhibits her new doll to Jalal, she talk to ended up you both equally combating? Jalal sys no, why you’re thinking that like that, Aram suggests I’m not child, I’m able to sense observing your faces which you the two had been combating, you will be grown ups dont struggle, now shake arms, Jalal and Jodha smile and shake palms, Aram suggests I’ll bring groom for my doll who’ll be like Jalal and they will never ever battle.
Hamida claims to Salima that i dont know whats occurring, both are proper at their positions and again Jodha is stuck in All of this, Salima claims I’m worried if Salim will take drastic step.

Scene 2
Jodha involves Salim and says you didnt try to eat till now? i have introduced your favorite kheer(sweetdish), consume that, Salim claims I’m not hungry, I’ll eat afterwards, Jodha claims You usually do this, i can make you consume these days, Salim says i am not in mood, please go away me alone, he leaves, Jodha is tensed.
Its early morning, dasi informs Jodha that Bhagwan das have come with Rahim and Maan, Jodha thinks what’s going to come about now? Jalal comes to her and suggests lets welcome them, Jodha states what is going to you say to them? Jalal claims I’ll make this happen marriage in grand way, Jodha suggests what about Salim? Jalal suggests I’ve taken decision which relationship will occur regardless of whether Salim doesnt concur, Bhagwan das shouldnt know everything and about Salim, pacify him not to be stubborn, allows go now.
Jodha will come Hamida and states i dont learn how to make Salim offended, I’m fearful that what if Salim doesnt are available functionality? it’s going to harm Bhagwan, i dont wont things to get worse, what about Mann? she will be damage, i am fearful Imagine if Jalal usually takes action towards Salim, Salima states only Hamida can pacify Salim, he is not going to deny to her, Hamida claims i will speak to him and may see how he say no to me.
Salim concerns anarkali, he comes to Zil, Zil suggests you shouldnt have occur listed here, Salim says i have occur to speak to you each, should you concur so i intend to make her my everyday living husband or wife, Anar claims this cant materialize, Salim check with dont you’re keen on me? anar says i do but jalal will not conform to it, Salim says i dont have to have it, i just want your yes, what’s going to he do? he will acquire my throne, I’m wanting to give it up, anar says i cant snatch your potential from you, conform to marry Mann, Salim says even though i should do war towards Jalal i will do it but by no means marry Mann, decision is with your palms, you would like to be on my aspect or not? Anar thinks and says i am along with you but i dont want you to definitely individual from a moms and dads, it absolutely was my fault to view major desires, Salim suggests You’re not snatching my daily life but supplying me daily life, you happen to be my daily life companion, anar suggests i ask for you to look forward to someday, Jodha also said that she’s along with you, i cant take the blame that i wrecked lots of life just to create my house, Salim hugs her, she cries.
Hamida comes to Salim’s space and scolds Dasi for tousled area, Salim comes and states its not her fault, i requested not to thoroughly clean it, he question how will you be? he would make her sit and sit in her toes, he can make him sit beside her and suggests what I’m listening that you are not coming in operate nowadays? Salim states when i am unfortunate then how can i put up smiling facial area? I’ve made a decision to marry Anar only then why should really i pretend all this? and for whom? Jalal? who doesnt think about my pleasure, Hamida claims nothing at all like that, he is your father, Salim suggests i am his son as well, Hamida states It’s important to come to celebration, Salim puts her hand on his head and states i swear you to not force me With this subject, you should, Hamida is helpless.
Mann’s mother offers items to Jodha, Jodha suggests it wasn’t needed, Mann states to Jodha that I’ve created an awesome dress, convey to me how can it be? she wears dupatta, Salima suggests that you are like shadow of jodha, Jodha states you happen to be seeking extremely awesome, Mann smiles, Hamida will come there and usually takes jodha from there. she tells Jodha that i tried but Salim didnt agree and mentioned He’ll marry Anar only, Jodha claims I’ve only one way now.

PRECAP- Jodha states to anarkali that only you may give me respond to, Do you need for being queen of India? Anar is shocked.

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