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Jodha Akbar 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
jalal’s guest, king of Multan enters palace, Jalal welcomes him. Shahab comes to Murad and starts his acting, he says i cant see you hurt like this, Murad says its only you who understand me, my pain, Shahab says your pain will go away soon, i will find someway and soon this throne will be yours, Fazal listens all this, Shahab is leaving, Fazal stops him and ask how are you? Shahab says i am in hurry to go home, Rahim stops him and ask him to talk before going, Shahab gets tensed, Rahim says come with us, they take him.
Jodha is getting ready sadly, Laboni comes there, Jodha gets worried, Laboni says to Jodha that you are looking nice, its going to be night, Moti says to Jodha that you have changed, your habits have changed, Jodha says i know, Moti says when you know it then why you are doing all this? Laboni possess Jodha’s body, Jodha starts scolding Moti, she ask Moti who are you to say all this to me? shut up, i have to go in royal function, make me ready, i am hungry, Moti gets her ready, jodha leaves, Moti says something is wrong, it feels like Jodha is possessed by evil soul.

Scene 2
Jodha comes in function, england’s ambassador greets her, Jalal says to Jodha that you know their language then answer back in their language only, Jodha gets tensed and says i respect their language so i learnt it but they are doing business with us so they should learn our language and rituals too, Jalal says great thought. food is served to all in function, men are eating on one table, while women on other table, Jodha sees meat on Jalal’s table, she comes and sit beside Jalal, she smells meat and starts eating it in very bad manner, all are shocked, Jalal is embarrassed.
Jodha is lying in her room, Jalal comes there and shouts at her, Jodha says i was waiting for you, Jalal says what you did today was not right, you came to men’s table and the way you ate was so shameful, Jodha says i was hungry so came to eat it, Jalal says you could have asked for it, when did you start eating meat? Jodha sys i am sorry, forget it, come and sit with me, Jalal says people are right, you have changed, if there is something then you can tell me, what has happened to you? Jodha says i just love you, i want to be in your arms, i just wait for you, come to me, Jalal says you dont need me but you need rest, take rest then you will come to your senses, he leaves, Jodha gets angry, she says what happens to me seeing meat, she laughs and it was very nice food, and till when Jalal will be away from me, he is my husband after all.

Scene 3
Jalal says to Hamida that i dont understand what has happened to Jodha, Hamida says we should ask Moti, she spend most time with Jodha, Moti is called there, Jalal ask Moti is something happening with Jodha? Moti sys dont know but she is behaving like she is not Jodha, she has started scolding me, she is puffing Hukka and she ate meat too, it feels like some other soul comes in her body at night, its not same Jodha, Hamida says i have famous priest Gul rung, she has solution for all this, Jalal says Jodha is very pure and strong women, how can she be possessed by a evil soul? Hamida says it happened with you too so we should be careful, Jalal says even then i dont believe you, Salima says the way Jodha is behaving i feel its true, Jalal says ok call Gul rung but dont know is doing this with Jodha, Jalal ask to call Gul rung, Gul rung comes there, she looks here and there, Hamida says i have listened about you alot, i feel someone is possessing Jodha, from somedays she is behaving weirdly, Gul says it can be easily detected, she recite some holy lines and says there is some evil soul in palace, all are shocked, i can feel it, Jalal ask are you sure? Gul says i want to meet Jodha alone.
Gul comes to jodha and says i am relative of Hamida, she sees her hands, Jalal, Ruks, Salima are watching them from outside, Gul starts reciting lines on Jodha, Jodha feels jittery and says its hurting me, leave my hand, she says to Gul that what you think that i am fool? i am not Jodha, Gul is reciting lines, Jodha laughs and says what you think you will make me lose? i will tell you my power now, she throws away Gul, she grabs her by neck and pull her upward, all are shocked, jodha says i am Laboni, its not good to play games with Laboni, Jalal says i have to go there, Jodha is in problem, Laboni is possessing her, Ruks says she is dangerous now, Guls faints, Jodha says she came to play with me, Jalal comes there, Jodha says dont know what happened to her, she was talking to me and then fainted, i feel she got heart attack, i am feeling bad for her, Jalal calls Dasi and ask to take Gul from there, Jalal thinks i will make Jodha free from this evil soul.

PRECAP- Jodha is surrounded by fire, Yogi uday is reciting mantras, she shouts in pain.

Written Update By Prince


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