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Jodha Akbar 22nd May 2015 Written Episode

Scene 1
Jalal is mesmerized with Jodha, Jodha shyly smiles, Jalal sees her from best to toe, she says now you observed me, i am altering dresses, Jalal claims full The main reason for what you have worn this, lets have dance which eglish person was speaking about, Jodha suggests i cant do all this, she’s going to depart, Jalal pulls her nearer, he puts her hand in his hand, places her other on his shoulder and also have few dance together with her, Jalal action around her costume, she laughs, they dance, Meri dhadkan tum ho.. tum Hello do jahan ho.. performs, Jalal and Jodha share eyeloc. otherside Laboni does magic on beads. Jalal feels jittery, he appears to be at Jodha and claims you disrespecting Girl, arent you ashamed of carrying costume like this? he throws her away, Jodha falls on ground, Jodha check with what transpired to you? Jalal lies on bed and states i dont know, i just wannt get relaxation, Jodha finds beads in his place, she says these are typically weird beads. on account of Jodha touching beads, Laboni’s magic breaks, she ask Dammo what transpired? Dammo says looks like another person have taken beads, if we dont just take beads back then our magic will slide us only, Laboni runs to consider beads.

Ruks phone calls Hoshiyar, he is afraid, Dammo sees him hiding, Ruks claims to Hoshiyar that pick a gown for me, she talk to which can suite me, Hoshiyar says white might be like your white hairs and when you wear yellow, it will eventually darken, what ever you can don will never look great on you, you will be crow and can continue being black, Ruks beats him.
Jodha demonstrates beads to Moti and says dont understand how they arrived here, these are typically Odd beads, Laboni comes there and thinks that this Jodha normally are available my way, she inquire Jodha whats as part of your hand? Jodha says i obtained it from Jalal’s area, Laboni states these beads ended up connected to statue with which Aram was enjoying, Jodha states oh i see, Laboni says I’ll sew it back again to statue, give it to me, Jodha gives her, Laboni leaves.

Jodha concerns Jalal and request him to take rest, he is not good, she request him to consume syrup, he states i cant consume it, Jalal claims whatsoever you put on, you glance wonderful in it, Jodha states your methods won’t perform, you have got gulp this down and consider relaxation, Jodha closes his nose and would make him consume it, Jalal suggests this is quite bitter, Jodha claims I assumed you prefer all the things from my hand, Jalal suggests i such as you, he states you have been seeking pretty quite in english dress, i just want you to definitely dress in it in certain operate, Jodha says you commenced naughtiness yet again, Dasi cmes and informs Jalal that some mystery agent of Mewar has been arrested.

Scene 3
agent tej is offered in courtroom, Salim says he is agent of Maharana Pratap, he arrived to palace, Jalal suggests you’re our enemy and we dont depart but when you need to do our operate then i can leave you, tej claims you wanna find Pratap however, you will never come across him, Jalal states i gives you location in palace, tej tej states I’m not disloyal, Birbal states if you’d like to be alive then explain to about Pratap,tej says i am common Rajvanshi who loves his land, I am able to never betray my land, Jalal killed Gals and children when he attacked Mewar earlier, now its the perfect time to get revenge.
Jalal states to Tej that great, i beloved your spirit, he ask soldier to release him, Tej suggests you wanna launch me so that I am able to visit Pratap and you will abide by me, I’m likely to eliminate myself, he eats poison and is lifeless, Jalal is shocked. Jalal question Birbal that he it’s possible my enemy but was loyal to his grasp, do his very last ceremonies with regard, deadbody is taken from there, Jalal request Salim about war? Salim says we’re Prepared, Jalal claims then go on war from tomorrow, he claims Pratap should not operate absent, Jalal coughs, Salim gets nervous and gives drinking water to Jalal, he inquire Jalal what took place? you dont seem good, Jalal states I’m not worn out, very little else, Salim suggests you seem weak, Jalal states i have robust son like you, I’m guaranteed you’ll deliver Pratap alive or dead infront of me.Pratap will get to learn about his agent’s arrest. Jalal claims to tej that you’ve two alternative, either inform about Pratap and obtain position in palace or get beheaded right now.
Pratap’s minister request him to go away the position as Tej can tell about him to Jalal.

PRECAP- Jodha hugs Jalal and says i am afraid, jalal says dont worry, i will not let anything happen to you, it turns out to be Laboni, not Jodha.


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