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Jodha Akbar 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Shaguni assaults Jalal and beheads him with sword, Salima shouts Abbu jaan, Jalal just isn’t shown.
Jodha possessed by Laboni suggests to Anarkali that its very good my could be daughter in regulation carrying out my make up, dont be concerned Salim advised me almost everything, i stated Sure, i will do your and Salim’s relationship, Anar thinks I do know its not Jodha but another person speaking, Anar claims to Jodha that I feel you ought to acquire bathtub, I’ve brought special fragrance, if you’re taking tub alongwith it then Jalal won’t be ready to go clear of you, we dancers use this, Jodah states dont connect with your self dancer as you would probably be salim’s wife now and I realize you happen to be excellent in all this, allows go and have bathtub, Moti comes there with gown, Jodha doesnt like it and says that you are mad, i won’t don it, i will decide on myself, Anar question jodha We could leave, Jodha request Moti to clean area, they depart.
In mandir, Jalal’s system is covered with white sheet that is blood stained, Shaguni sys to Salim that we had no other way to save Jodha, trust me every thing are going to be good now.
Jodha comes in tub place, Anar puts fragrance in bathtub tub, Ruks and Salima sees them there, Salima suggests Anar have done perform, now we really need to do our get the job done, they go away, Jodha sit in tub, Anar suggests with this particular fragrance, Jalal will probably be mesmerized with all your magnificence, Jodha suggests like Salim is mesmerized along with you? dont be shy, she laughs.

Scene 2
Salima, Moti and Ruks spread ash all over Jodha’s area. Anar is generating Jodha Prepared, she thinks i hope Ruks and Salima have carried out their function, she does Jodha’s hairdo and is also losing time, Jodha claims now allows do remaining make up in my home, she leaves from bathtub home, Anar goes behind her. Ruks is spreading ash, Moti is masking it with flower petals. Jodha is going with Anar to home, Jodha claims you have done pretty pleasant make up, you deserve a reward, Jodha involves her and it is shocked to locate Ruks and Salima there, she question Whatever you each are executing here? Ruks states we ended up creating Rangoli, you forgot that You usually make rangoli when Jalal returns from war, we believed that we will ensure it is this time in addition to when Jalal return, he will arrive at you initial, Jodha claims its nice, you each can go now, she goes in her room, Anar, Salima and Ruks leaves from there.
Hamida many thanks Anar, she retains her, anar claims dont do it, i am just dancer, my fingers her not cleanse, Hamida says the arms which raises that will help Many others cant be filthy, what you may have carried out for Jodha, I am able to never forget about it, anar says it had been my responsibility, Salima sys if you were not with us then we wont be capable to lure that spirit, Ruks thinks they have got produced dancer, a angel, these Silly thoughts, Hamida says We now have trapped Laboni but Let’s say she doubt us, Ruks says I’ve asked Moti to become with jodha to make sure that she doesnt come in close proximity to ash.
Salim and Rahim is available in palace with Jalal’s deadbody on his shoulders, Shaguni request Salim to go and convey to your close relatives but listening this Laboni can harm you, be clear of her, she inquire Hamida to burn up chita, Rahim suggests Chita? Shaguni sys do it, they go away.

Scene 3
Salim concerns Ruks, Salima and Hamida, he is devastated, Hamida talk to the place is Jalal? Salim states Abbu jaan.. He’s useless, all are stunned, Hamida sit and cries, Salim claims he did it for his wife, for his really like, we wont Permit his sacrifice be squandered, Shaguni is with us, we really need to compose ourselves, We’ve to inform this to Jodha, Hamida suggests who will explain to Jodha? dont know what’s going to she do, ruks says i will inform this to Jodha, she cries and suggests I’ll tell her that our spouse died, Salim suggests i will feature you.
Jodha is dancing in her area, she is watching for Jalal, Ruks will come there and cries, she states Jalal is no a lot more, enemy attacked him on neck in war and he died, Jodha grabs her by her hairs and says you always want Jalal to generally be faraway from me, This is often your video game, listen, Jalal is only mine, you will be performing Ruks, Ruks suggests I’m telling real truth, how can lie about his Dying, if you believe me then see Jalal’s deadbody in yard, she shows her Jalal’s entire body in backyard, she suggests I’m telling fact, Jalal isn’t any extra, Jodha will get offended looking at it and suggests this cant take place, Jalal cant depart me, she shouts and throws absent issues, Ruks, Salim and moti transfer away.

PRECAP- Shaguni says to Jodha you have to get up, you may have provided that soul permission to in One’s body.

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