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Jhalak Reloaded 27th September 2015 Written Update

Manish welcomes everyone in Jhalak Reloaded. He tells about guest celebrities doing Teen Ka Tahelka. He announces the celeb partners. Akshat Singh with Faisal and Vaishnavi. Sanjeeda Sheikh with Shamita and Deepak, Gautam Gulati with Mohit and Marischa/Bhawna, Drashti Dhami with Sanaya and Jai, Vishal Singh with Anita and Sanam. Manish tells about giving a special chance to Neha Marda, Rajit and their special celeb partner Amruta.

Neha Marda, Rajit and Amruta
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Mujhe behne de…………. From the movie Raavan.

Shahid: Welcome Amruta, you have come in beautiful way, Rajit we will miss you and Neha. I must say Neha has high spirit to leave a good memory for us.

Shamita, Sanjeeda and Deepak
Dance Form: Latin
They dance on the song Mehbooba Mehbooba………..from the movie Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag.

Judges’ comments:
Shahid: Welcome Sanjeeda, It had been satisfaction to see your dance, you executed like a professional, Shamita and Sanjeeda matched so effectively, you did accurately and in controlled way, very properly finished Deepak, Shamita if Shilpa arrives below, she’ll be terrified to dance infront of you, you have become so great.
Ganesh: Sanjeeda you and Shamita looked twin sisters, your sync was best. Head blowing Deepak, I’ve viewed the flow to Mehbooba hook techniques, it absolutely was brilliantly, seamless and flawless act.
Malaika: Sanjeeda was an asset of the act, Shamita and Deepak tend to be the bestest for me.
Lauren: It was superhot and graceful.
Scores: Lauren 10, Shahid 10, Malaika 10, Ganesh 10. Total 40.
Sanjeeda makes a vote appeal to Shamita and Deepak to sms SHA to 56882.

Sanaya, Drashti and Jai
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Do you want me….. Right Now Now….. from the movie Housefull 2.

Judges’ comments:
Ganesh: Drashti welcome to Jhalak, Jai has completed every thing in Jhalak, it was nice sweet act, I favored lover raise, I used to be trying to find very little extra ultimately.
Malaika: Drashti welcome back to Jhalak, Sanaya and Drashti are poles aside, Sanaya was sure and Drashti was sensous, I felt it was incomplete, Total it absolutely was good.
Shahid: Drashti welcome, Sanaya and Jai are in prime five, you’re a fantastic addition, there was favourable Electricity.
Lauren: There was Lady battle from the act, so pleasant to view Drashti back. Drashti received season 6, she perhaps in Sanaya’s favor.
Scores: Lauren 8, Shahid 9, Malaika 9, Ganesh 9. Total 35.
Drashti makes vote appeal for Sanaya to vote SAN to 56882.

Faisal, Akshat and Vaishnavi
Dance Form: Bollywood
They dance on the song happy birthday to you….. from the movie ABCD2.
The judges give them a standing ovation.

Judges’ comments:
Malaika: I’d numerous fun, concept was so good, it was astounding. It absolutely was genuinely genius, fantastic.
Shahid: The act is a few tadka, I m shocked viewing Akshat, you might be outstanding, that you are so talented, you Specific your self as performer, I used to be just looking at you, you ended up so excellent On this act. I m so joyful looking at you all enjoy and also have entertaining. Akshat extra wonderful quantity of Vitality, pretty properly performed Vivek.
Ganesh: Head blowing act. I wish All people get this sort of mum. It had been like finale act.
Lauren: It had been like I loved it, just one massive social gathering, you 3 are most powerful performers.
Scores: Lauren 10, Shahid 10, Malaika 10, Ganesh 10. Total 40.
Akshat makes a vote appeal for Faisal to vote FAI to 56882.

Anita, Vishal Singh and Sanam
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Vande Mataram………….. from the movie ABCD2.

Judges’ comments:
Ganesh: Mindblowing choreography Sanam, good Vishal, incredibly exact, really nice act.
Malaika: Choreography was unique and exquisite, the moves had been similar to the traces, you took it very seriously, I liked it, it had been thoroughly clean Slice, Shahid has told Anita has enhanced, she’s in this article to stay.
Lauren: I get goosebumps hearing this song, for me Sanam was the star of this act, Anita you weren’t thoroughly there, I’ve noticed performance dropping, you can do greater, Vishal many thanks for coming to Jhalak, excellent work.
Shahid: it absolutely was excellent work Sanam, the matter distracting was endeavours have been viewed on face. I felt I couldn’t delight in, be tiny cautious Sanam, don’t press Substantially, expressions are fantastic components, Great act Total.
Scores: Lauren 8, Shahid 8, Malaika 9, Ganesh 10. Total 35.
Anita makes a vote appeal to sms ANI to 56882.

Mohit, Gautam and Marishcha/Bhawna
Dance Form: Freestyle
They dance on the song Jashan e Ishq.

Judges’ comments:
Malaika: They too looked hot, Lauren and me were drooling, I don’t know where to concentrate. I had a great time, Bhawna was prop here, I did not look at you, the boys took over, they were killing it, I think you all gave it an energy performance. I m really glad you saved the hottest for glad.
Lauren: Gautam I did not know you dance so good, Bhawna was good, Mohit you nailed it.
Ganesh: Gautam’s tadka got charge to Mohit, it was best for Mohit, he got transformed, Marischa played safe, people will remember this till many years.
Shahid: Bhawna is a great dancer, you were fantastic, Gautam welcome to the show, you made strong entry, you have powerful performer, you and Mohit complimented well.
Scores: Lauren 10, Shahid 8, Malaika 9, Ganesh 10. Total 37.
Gautam makes a vote appeal for Mohit to sms MOH to 56882.

Manish tells about ticket to finale. Shahid says we feel the deserving one is Faisal, Vaishnavi and Vivek. Faisal and Vaishnavi get the ticket to finale.

Manish and Malaika tell about semi finale week. Top 5 semi finalists with India’s got talent.

Written Update By Sahir


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