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Jamai Raja 16th November 2015 Written Update


DD asking Roshni to bring Raghu’s photo and says she wants to see the difference or similarities between them. She says she has a feeling that he is Sid and says if he is not Sid then also they will take his help. She says we will present him as Sid to the world. Roshni says I met him. She says he is like a street person and says he can’t be like Sid. DD says you have to groom him like Sid. She says you wants to punish Sid’s killer naa, so you have to do this. She says I understand that this is really difficult, but I want to teach a lesson to Shabnam. She says God has given us opportunity, which we can’t let it go. Roshni agrees for giving justice to Sid. DD hugs Roshni.

Krutika comes back home and tells Bunty why did he lied to her that Sid is alive. Bunty says I understand your emotions and says I have seen him with my own eyes. He says he might be his ghosts. Krutika warns him and says she is staying with him because of seven rounds else would have leave him.

Pinto tells Raghu that they should have got cheap car parts. Raghu says they can’t cheat the customers. Shabnam gives money to Kesar, asks him to buy tissue paper box for car and drink juice for the remaining money. Raghu comes there. Kesar sees Raghu and says your eyes are blue….He says I am your Chacha in relation. Raghu says I will break your head if you takes Sid’s name. Kesar holds his hand and takes her to Shabnam while Raghu resists. Shabnam is busy talking on phone. Kesar tells Shabnam that Sid is alive and asks for prize. Shabnam slaps him seeing other man. She asks him not to joke again, and bring tissue box. She gets tensed.

Twinkle calls Roshni and says she is trying to be good bahu, but Anita will try to make her let down. Roshni gives her strength. Twinkle says you are my inspiration. Roshni says we will face all the troubles. Twinkle promises to keep her family intact. Roshni promises to make Raghu as Sid, and free DD and also punish Shabnam. She says now it is our turn.

Roshni comes to Raghu’s house and asks his mum about Raghu. Just then her neighbor come to ask something. Roshni picks the album and is about to open, just then Raghu’s mum gets angry and snatches album from her hand. Roshni wonders what was in that album which made her angry.

Roshni comes to Raghu and says she has a offer for him. She says you said that you are not Siddharth. Raghu says he is not Sid. Roshni asks if he can become Sid for her for few days. Raghu says he is poor, but will not be trapped by her. Roshni says I would have liked you if you deserves to be liked. She says she is just asking him to act. Raghu says this is garage and asks her to go approach actors. He says he is going to eat his mum’s food. Roshni gives him offer of Rs. 5 Lakhs.

Raghu refuses to help Roshni and says his Amma has asked him not to act. He asks her to convince his mum.

Written Update By H Hasan


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