Jamai Raja 9th September 2016 Written Update

Jamai Raja 9th September 2016 Written Episode Update


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Jamai Raja 9th September 2016 Written Update

The Episode starts with Mahi thinking about Satya kissing her. He gets tensed. Satya comes to Gangu Tai and says he will stop the redevelopment as he has understood that they are fraud. He says he will go and talk to Payal. Gangu Tai slaps Satya and says you will not go anywhere, asks him to promise. Satya says I will not accept your sayings and says I will have done wrong and will fight for basti people’s right. Gangu Tai gets shocked and thinks this can’t happen. She worries for Satya’s reality. Deepu comes to meet Payal and says he can help her. Payal asks her employee to kick him out. He is made to leave. Employee tells Payal that they have to fool the people and get their land. Mahi comes and gives her tea. She asks about the redevelopment. Payal says she is trying, but the basti people is not agreeing for redevelopment. Mahi says I will help you, and thinks she will prove Satya wrong as he said her mum is corrupt. Payal thinks she got an idea. Kajal comes to Satya and tells that Payal is coming to basti to take their signs. Satya says we won’t let her take the signs. Kajal says everyone think that you are with Payal. Satya gets an idea and says let them think that I am with Payal.

Deepu announces in the basti that they will get lavish homes in basti. Satya thinks to show his satyagiri to Payal. Payal is coming to Basti. Satya gets a phone call asking him to come to hospital as Gangu Tai is admitted in the hospital. He takes an auto and leaves. Payal and Mahi are coming in their car. They couldn’t see Satya going. They get down in car. Deepu welcomes them. Payal and Mahi sit on the stage. Satya comes to hospital and hears Gangu Tai telling Doctor that she acted to be ill so that her son comes running there and doesn’t get caught in any problem. He gets shocked and says asks Gangu why did she do this. Gangu Tai asks him to listen to her, and asks him not to go. Satya asks why you are scared and says I will not back off. He leaves.

Mahi gives the speech and tells that it was her father Neil’s dreams to give a better life and homes to basti people. She tells that her mum have redeveloped many bastis before. Some goons comes and tells that Payal is a fraud and have looted their land. Deepu and his friends beat them. Mahi gets scared. A goon goes near Mahi and is about to hit her with rod, but Satya comes and holds the rod saving Mahi. The goons get scared seeing Satya and runs from there. Kajal smiles. Payal sees Satya’s face and couldn’t believe on her eyes. She says Siddharth Khurana….. Satya in his style goes to Payal…Payal finds similarity in Sid and Satya and is shocked. Satya asks Jamai Raja’s hema malini…where did you get lost…He says I am Satya. Payal recalls Siddharth Khurana. Satya says I have a million dollar face and asks her not to lose confidence seeing him. He asks her to talk with confidence and smiles. Payal is still in shock. Mahi goes to him and says we were rakshas until yesterday, and asks why did you come. She says your called my mamma as cheater and scolds him. Payal asks Mahi to come and goes leaving the redevelopment work.

Precap: Mahi falls in Satya’s embrace under a cloth and have an eye lock.

Written Update by H Hasan

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