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Jamai Raja 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Sid thinking who might be the person behind all this? He thinks about Shabnam’s threat and thinks no. He thinks about Kunal’s threatening words and says it is Kunal. He thinks why Kunal, Shabnam are attacking from hideout. He then thinks it might be Rajveer, thinks he is dead. He thinks am I losing my mind, says there is somebody else. Joker is seen seeing him through CCTV. Sid picks the toy joker and says you can’t harm my family. Joker laughs and says you will never get to know that there are camera placed in your house. Sam calls Ganpath and asks him to serve breakfast with skimmed milk. Ganpath gets confused. Resham makes food for her and says I will break your head next time. Sam gets up angrily, but seeing DD, she talks politely. DD asks Resham what wrong did Sam do? She is just asking for the food. Resham calls her dayan and says her behavior was wrong. DD asks what is wrong with her and why she is behaving like down market people. She asks her to behave well and says she can’t tolerate the nonsense. Resham goes cryingly. Yash tells Sam that it is wrong to play games with Resham. Sam asks him to shut up and asks him to leave her and go, if he thinks she is so much wrong. Yash feels disgusted and couldn’t do anything. Yash comes to Resham and apologizes to her for Sam’s misbehavior. Resham says it is okay.

Roshni wakes up and finds the room decorated. Ayesha asks who has decorated it. Sid comes there dressed up as Charlie Chaplin and tries to convince Roshni. Ayesha laughs seeing his humorous act. Roshni smiles at last and thanks him. Sid says my air got tight thinking how to make you smile, lol. He says wife should forgive her husband and love him immensely when he asks for it. Roshni says you was doing over acting. Ayesha says Papa…you are the best. Sid hugs them. DD gets happy and says he is a fool.

Sid and everyone sit down to have food. DD tells Sid that she has much hope from him and have never trusted anyone before. She asks him to let her know what is happening? She asks where is Ayesha? Sid panics and asks where is Ayesha? Ayesha comes with her toy joker. Resham tells Kesar that whenever her phone comes infront of the toy, it doesn’t work. Sid thinks there is something wrong for sure. He takes the joker from Ayesha’s hand and says it is so nice. Ayesha asks why you are taking my doll? Sid says we will go to pool side and will play. Ayesha agrees and goes with him. Sid and Ayesha play. Sid throws it in pool. Ayesha cries and asks for the same toy. Sid says he will buy another toy for her. Ayesha insists. Yash takes it out from pool. DD tells Roshni that she can’t understand what is happening? Sid opens the joker and finds a micro cam. He thinks joker might have installed many camera’s in the house, and thinks he might be seeing the activities from the camera. He thinks he will make a plan ahead of joker and thinks to defeat him.

Sid entertains Ayesha wearing joker’s mask. Ayesha gets happy and says you are the best. Sid announces children’s party for Ayesha. Everyone is happy. Sid says he has done some mistake in the past, but now wants to make everything fine. He says he can do anything to bring smile on her face. Ayesha is happy and hugs him. Sid thinks Joker might have seen him from any of the camera and will definitely attend the party.

Sid tells his plan to DD. DD is happy and calls him son. Sid thinks he will fail joker’s plan even if he gets killed in the process.

Written Update By H Hasan


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