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Jamai Raja 6th October 2015 Written Update

Episode begins with Doctor checking DD and says wound is not big. Roshni comes there and asks what happened? Kesar says some people have thrown stones on DD. Mona says as you sow, so your reap. She suggests DD to think about her doings. DD asks her to think what she is saying and says you can’t stay in this house when you are against me. DD gets up and pushes Shabnam. She falls on Sid intentionally. Roshni says to Mona that this is not right to tell anything. Krutika tells Sam that she can’t get engaged in a hurry. Sam says marriage will happen later and asks her to agree. She says I will make a story and ruin Sid also. Bua Dadi asks what is these photos? She acts and cries asking Krutika not to ruin Khurana’s respect, and pleads to Sam not to do this. Krutika agrees to marry Bunty and goes. Bua Dadi laugh and shakes hand with Sam.

Shabnam talks to Ayesha and asks what you are doing? Ayesha asks why you are sweating? Shabnam says I am unwell since few days. Ayesha says I will take you to my Mamma and Papa, and you will feel better. Sid asks Roshni about Ayesha. Roshni says she is in her room. Sid comes near Roshni and tries to cheer her up. Roshni says why can’t our life be happy? Sid says our life will be happy until I am with you. They try to get closer and hear Shabnam’s voice asking Ayesha not to be stubborn. Ayesha asks Roshni, can Shabnam stay in our room. Sid says she can stay in our room. Ayesha thanks him. Shabnam says Ayesha made me uncomfortable today. Roshni gives her pillow, and asks her to sleep. Shabnam thinks tomorrow your bed will be mine, how will you save your husband from me.

Bua Dadi and Krutika are leaving house. Beeji asks them where they are going and asks to have breakfast? Bua Dadi says they will get late and asks Krutika to come. Beeji thinks what is going on in her mind. Bua Dadi and Krutika come to the hotel. Bunty asks how are you? Bua Dadi says you both are looking good together. Bunty looks at the laddos and asks Krutika why she is scared? He says I will make you Rani after marriage. Sam comes there and says she came to see if the engagement started or not. She asks them to hurry up.

Roshni and Sid come to their Global International School and meet the designer. Sid sees Bua Dadi and Krutika in one of the pic, and calls Beeji. Beeji says Bua Dadi will do something. Sid asks her to meet in the hotel. Sid comes to the hotel and shows Krutika’s photo, asking to give info about her room. The receptionist refuses. Roshni tries calling Bua Dadi, but she switches off the phone. Sid calls the manager and asks him to tell him room no, else he will ask its owner, who is his friend. Manager gives the room number to be 246. Sid says okay and goes.

Shabnam is compromising with electric wires to hurt Roshni. The goon tells that Roshni may get hurt Considerably and asks her to speak to Mamu very first. Shabnam scolds him and asks to accomplish the operate. She states Roshni must get electric present-day when she switches about the change, and says currently It will probably be a blast. Sam documents the engagement in her telephone whilst Bua Dadi does the aarti. Krutika is unhappy though. Sid, Beeji and Roshni anticipate the carry to come. Bua Dadi offers rings to Krutika. She asks Bunty to consider out the ring. Bunty usually takes the ring from his pocket.

Bunty talks to Krutika about his identify. Sam asks him to halt the crab and do the get the job done. Sid involves the room ultimately and rings the bell, just as Bunty was about to spot ring in Krutika’s finger. Bua Dadi signs Sam to open up the doorway. Sam opens the doorway and finds……

Sid seems to be on the wires and thinks it goes toward there. Shabnam thinks This can be her gift for her sister. Roshni is about to turn on the swap. Sid runs to save her.

Written Update By Sahir


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