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Jamai Raja 6th January 2016 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Raj asking Shaku to come with him to his house. Everyone is shocked. Roshni asks Sid what is going on? Sid says I tried explaining to Dad, but he didn’t listen to me as he is my dad and I am not his dad. Roshni says she will talk to DD and goes. DD tells Bansi that she will talk to Mr. Khurana. Bansi says you shouldn’t feel pain related to Roshni and says she is not your daughter, nor your blood, you have not given birth to her and doesn’t know about a daughter’s pain. Nani folds her hands. Sid hears everything and is shocked. Nani asks DD to hold herself. DD cries hugging Nani.

Sid thinks Roshni is not Sasumom’s daughter. He comes inside. DD apologizes. Sid asks what was Bansi saying and asks her to tell the truth. DD says it is okay. Sid says you can’t go and asks her to tell truth. Nani asks her to say truth. DD says if everyone comes to know about it, then everything will be ruined. She says do you want this? Sid says what will happen if you hide all, and if everything will be same, says everything will be ruined if a third person tells about the secret. Nani asks DD to tell everything.

DD sits down and says she was 9 months pregnant. She says Nani came to her house and told that she want to take her to village. Shiv warned her, but they left. She says they stayed in Bansi’s house. Bansi scolds her bahu Kanta, and asks Premal to make her understand. Nani says it was my biggest mistake. I took DD to that village in her ninth month of pregnancy. When she was in pain, I took her to small village hospital where Doctor informed her that the child is born dead. FB is shown. Nani cries. Bansi asks her to stop crying and not to lose strength. Nani says what I will tell to Shiv and DD. Bansi says there is a way and asks her to swap a woman’s child with DD’s dead baby. Nani refuses and says she can’t do this sin. Bansi says your daughter will address you as her child’s killer and asks her to do it within 30 mins. Nani says Bansi’s words shattered me and I accepted her saying.

Nani changes DD’s dead baby with other woman’s baby. She says Shiv and DD was happy with their children, and I kept this truth as a secret. She says Later Rohan passed away and Roshni became our only happiness. DD worked for her livelihood after her separation with Shiv. Later I got a call from Bansi asking me to come with Roshni. I went there and see her fine. Bansi asks Premal to send the kids out. Nani (Alaknanda) asks what is the matter? Bansi tells about Roshni and Kunal’s marriage. Nani says they are very small. Bansi asks her to agree, and threatens her saying that you have stolen Landlord Heeralal’s baby, and his wife died because of shock. She asks if you want to go to jail, and then people would know that the girl is not of DD. Nani says Bansi told Kunal about his marriage, and he told Roshni. Roshni called DD and informed her. DD came to there and saw them married.

DD says by the time I reached there, she was already married. Pandit ji declares them married. DD asks what is going on and tries to take Roshni with her. Premal says she is our bahu. DD asks how dare you? Nani asks DD to come with her, and takes her to side. DD asks how can you let it happen. Nani tells her everything and says Bansi knows everything. She says if we back off, then we will lost Roshni, and I will get jailed. DD says Roshni is mine. Nani asks her to agree for now. DD agrees for Roshni’s sake. She apologizes to Bansi and says she was not aware of the fact, and agrees. Bansi says do you realize your mistake? She says I will come after 18 years and take my bahu back. Back to present, DD says they had shifted to Mumbai and thought the past would not follow them.

Nani says Bansi will take Roshni with her. Sid asks why did you hide this big fact from Roshni? DD says everything would have ruined and don’t know what Roshni would do. Nani says Heeralal will ruin us, if comes to know about this truth. Sid says nothing will happen until he is here. He says Roshni is a mature adult and values you. He says let me tell everything to her. DD says we have stolen her from her parents and hid this fact. Sid says it is her right to know and I am her husband. I will tell her. DD falls on his feet and asks him not to tell her now. Sid agrees and says he will not tell her for sometime. He promises that he won’t let Bansi and family take advantage of the situation, and asks DD and Nani to tell Roshni about the truth.

Bansi tells that today will be Roshni’s shuddikaran puja, and tries to take out Roshni’s mangalsutra. Roshni shouts and calls Sid. Sid tells that the mangalsutra thread isn’t weak and tells about its strength.

Written Update By H Hasan


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