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Jamai Raja 5th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Kunal trying to get close to Roshni, but she moves him away. Sid comes there and starts beating Kunal. Roshni asks why you are doing this and shows concern towards Kunal. Sid says did you know what he was trying to do. Roshni says he is my friend and not a stranger. Sid says he is like a snake and will change colors. Roshni questions Sid and shows doubt on him. Sid says you are my wife and life….Roshni asks him to stop it and asks what you have shared with me. She says I am grinded between mum and yours ego’ classes. You have always kept me in dark. Kunal asks Roshni not to fight with Sid and says there might be some misunderstanding. Sid asks him to stay out of it. Roshni tells Sid that she fell from bike and Kunal was helping her like a friend when she was feeling like fainting. Sid asks her to use her mind and think why do the hell, he brought her here, and says he want to take your advantage. Roshni asks him not to think wrong and says he wants me to take those kids to NGO. Kunal says these talks doesn’t matter, and says he just made her drink glucose and nothing as such. He brings the bottle and drinks it to prove that it was just glucose. Roshni asks Kunal not to prove anything to anyone. She holds Kunal’s hand and asks him to come with her. They sit on the bike and leaves. Sid looks on shockingly and says you are doing wrong Roshni. He says Kunal is a snake charmer and they want to ruin our family by mixing venom within us. He says they forgot that I am between them and my family, I won’t let anything to happen to anyone.

Sid comes home. He tells Bansi that he knows it is all her work. Bansi says you can’t do anything and you are not good for your wife. She says what you will do now and laughs.

Later in night, Roshni gets a romantic chit from Sid. Sid comes with a bouquet and tries to agree her. Roshni tells him that he would have fall down from there. Sid holds her closer and says lets be filmy. He gets closer, and says Roshni….you are my life….I love you. I know you are angry with me and it is right, but. Kunal sees them romantically involved and gets jealous. Sid tells her that he don’t need to tell about the love between them. They lie down on the bed. Sid says I will never let any trouble come to our family. Sid and Roshni gets intimate. Kunal thinks Sid is touching his wife, although he tried to separate them. He gets angry.

Bansi burns Shakuntala’s hand on the gas stove. Sid comes and asks what she is doing? If she is a mum or killer. Bansi asks him to mind his business. Sid says it is our house and you can’t do this here. Bansi warns him and says she will pull his tongue. She tells DD that Sid’s dad is trapping her daughter, and says Shaku was writing letter to him. DD and Roshni read letter surprisingly. Bansi asks Roshni if Sid haven’t told you anything about it. Sid says I can explain. Roshni gets angry and says don’t know what else you have hidden from me. Bansi asks Premal to send Shaku back. Nani asks her not to do that. She asks Premal to do as she says.

Sid tells Raj that his plan is backfiring and failing badly. Raj feels bad too. Sid says Bansi will send Shaku back and tells about some plan. He asks him to do as he says. Raj refuses. Sid insists and requests him to agree. Premal drags Shaku out while she refuses to go. Bansi asks Premal to take her. Raj comes there shocking everyone. Shaku runs to Raj and stands behind him. Raj announces that he is taking Shaku with him.

Bansi tells DD that she is a real mum of her daughter and asks DD why she is bothered when she is not Roshni’s real mum. Sid hears it and is shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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