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Jamai Raja 5th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Kunal asking Shabnam to come and sit beside him. Shabnam sits beside him hesitantly. He presents her flower and says it is red like your cheeks. Everyone is surprised. Shabnam asks if all is well. Kunal says all is well as you are with me. Jyoti Tai asks Roshni to sit wih her. Kunal flirts with Shabnam and touches her foot with his foot. Shabnam gets up from the dining table and says she is done. Jyoti thinks you will be air tight Kunal. This is just the beginning. Roshni gets a letter informing her that Kunal is flirting with Shabnam. Roshni wonders if Sid is here. She gets other chit/letter that something is kept near the trees. She goes there and finds a bracelet in the gift wrapper. She gets another message that it is not bracelet, but their past which he wants her to remember. Shabnam follows Roshni, but misses her and falls on the vegetable cart. Sid comes and holds Roshni. Roshni asks him to leave her. Sid says if you want to leave me and go then you can go. Haule Haule Zindago Ko…Sanam Re plays………………

Sid kisses on her hand. Roshni feels his touch and gets moved on in emotions. She says this is wrong. Sid says this is right and says you are not living right life. He says Kunal is heartless and just wants lust. He says Kunal flirts with other woman also. Roshni says all I know is this is wrong. Sid holds her hands and pulls her closer. Shabnam comes there and calls Roshni. DD also comes there and says I was standing with my daughter. Shabnam asks if Sid came here. DD asks her to go. Shabnam says until when you will play with my sister and takes Roshni with her. DD tells Roshni that Shabnam is dangerous. They leave. Sid comes out and tells DD not to worry as Sid and Roshni are two body and one soul. She says nobody can separate us. Shabnam tells herself that she is sure that DD is helping Sid, but she won’t let them unite.

Kunal comes and calls Shabbu darling…Where are you? Shabnam gets angry and goes to talk to him. DD gets inside Shabnam’s room and checks the box which is empty. Bansi asks Kunal if he has gone mad and what he is doing since morning. DD takes the courier slip and goes. Shabnam asks what happened? Kunal gives gifts to Shabnam. Shabnam asks him to give gifts to Roshni as she is his wife. Shabnam tells Roshni that Kunal is teasing her, and says she will keep the gifts in her room. Kunal tells Roshni that he forgot about her. Roshni says it is okay. Kunal is surprised and confused. DD meets Sid. Sid says we have to go to courier company. He gets Kunal’s call. He talks to him as Jyoti and asks him to do as she says. He tells DD that he is fixing Kunal with Shabnam.
Later Jyoti Tai gives juice/drink to Shabnam and Kunal. They drink the drink. Shabnam feels her head heavy. She imagines Kunal as Sid. Kunal sees Roshni in Shabnam. Shabnam asks why you are looking at me like this Sid….Kunal is standing in the swimming pool and lifts her. They dance in the pool while the song Aaj Dikhade Mujhe Love Karke plays………………Jyoti Tai enjoys their romance happily.

Next morning, Roshni sees Kunal and Shabnam sleeping together and says she will think about her relation with Kunal. She asks Shabnam if sisters trap their own sister’s husband. Jyoti looks shocked.

Written Update By H Hasan


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