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Jamai Raja 4th November 2015 Written Update

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Roshni comes near the cliff and shouts for Sid asking where is he? Shabnam hits on her head from back. Roshni gets unconscious. Sid is brought to the same place by the goons. The goons makes Roshni sit in the car while she is still unconscious. Sid gains consciousness. Shabnam tells him that Gaffur explained to her and asks her to stay away from him. Sid recalls Gaffur telling him about Shabnam’s truth. Shabnam says good people’s fault is that they are good and believes others. She says you did a mistake and I have taken its advantage being Shabnam. She says coming to the point , I have fulfilled all the promises and have snatched everything from Roshni. She says everything will be finished in some time. She says she has paralyzed Nani before. Sid gets up. Shabnam says your sasumom doesn’t trust you and you have no respect. Sid gets angry and is about to hold her. Shabnam fires bullet on his chest and says I told you to agree to me. Sid writhles in pain. Shabnam says one should not love wife and says she has two options, one is to kill Roshni. Sid says you are doing mistake. Shabnam says can I touch you? And says she is showing her love, and is about to fire bullet again, just then Sid gets up and holds her on gun point. He says how you are feeling in my embrace, and says I am not Sid, but your death. He asks how did you think that you will win at the end. He says truth always win and says you can’t harm Roshni or DD until I am alive.

Sid tells Shabnam that it was his mistake to leave her, but no more mistakes. He says truth will be known to everyone, and you will tell truth to everyone. He suffocates her neck and asks if she will confess to make MMS. Shabnam says you have touched me and I am more attractive than your wife. Sid says you are Naagin. Shabnam asks him to look at his back and says your Roshni is unconscious in the car. She says that goons can do anything for money, and says I asked them to push car from the mountain. Sid gets shocked. Shabnam asks why he doesn’t love her. She says I will tell you rules now, if you manage to save your wife, then you have to be kill by my bullet, else you can come to me anytime to remember your wife and cry. She asks what you have decided. Sid runs to stop the moving car and save Roshni. Sad music plays while Sid struggles to stop the car. Shabnam smirks. Sid tries to stop the car. Sid gains strength from Roshni’s love and manages to stop the car at the last moment. Shabnam says Sid knows that he will be killed, but then also he saved Roshni. Sid tries to wake up Roshni and says I love you. He says no one can separate us, whenever you need me, I will come to you. He cries hugging her. Roshni is still unconscious. Shabnam comes to them and says people will remember your name after Majnu etc……She says your love story will be written in books, and says you will go to heaven directly, but I can’t meet you as I will stay in hell. She asks him to stand up and go near the cliff. Sid starts walking towards the cliff. Sid tells Shabnam that game is not yet over and it will start now. Shabnam asks him to continue walking. Roshni is still unconscious.

Shabnam fires bullet and it hits Sid on Sid’s chest. Sid fell down the cliff end into the valley

Sid falls down from the cliff into the valley.

Written Update By H Hasan


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