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Jamai Raja 4th December 2015 Written Update

Krutika coming to DD’s house and tells that you can’t arrest DD as Sid is alive. She says you can’t do double jeopardy. Shabnam says you can’t listen to her and leave DD. Inspector says she is right, we can’t arrest DD. Roshni tells Shabnam that God is helping truth. DD looks at Shabnam. Shabnam gets annoyed and goes. Roshni hugs Krutika and thanks her. Krutika smiles seeing Sid. Roshni tells DD that Sid is alive and nothing will happen to her. She asks Raghu to go and says everything will be fine once Sid is back. She tells DD that they shall celebrate. Krutika thinks Raghu is her own brother Sid and she is sure. Sid thinks he can’t even attend his own party, and thinks he has sent this photo. He says truth will be out once Shabnam exposes.

Shabnam thinks if Sid is alive and wonders what is happening. Sid asks why you are worried and asks her what is the matter? He pulls her closer and says just look in my eyes….I have so much love for you in my heart. Shabnam says so much things are going on in my mind, I will think and let you know. Sid says you are taking much tension and offers his help. Shabnam says she is going to Spa now. Sid says he can massage her. Shabnam asks what did you say? Sid says you are getting late and asks her to go. Shabnam goes. Roshni hears them and thinks she thought wrongly about Raghu. She thinks Sid can’t think of this cheap thought even in his dreams and thinks to kick Raghu out of house once Sid is out.

Later Sid in Raghu’s get up brings band baja and tells that his (Sid’s) Sasumom is back home from jail and says that counts for celebration. He asks will you marry me? DD asks what? Sid bends down on his knees and asks Roshni why she is shying now. He says you don’t shy to touch me when you are alone. He says when a girl says no then it means yes. He holds the garland and tells Roshni to marry him. Roshni throws the garland. Sid says you have thrown 25 Rs garland and adds the amount to the money which she has to pay him. He says everyone here is oldies, so lets go to room and marry. We will take elders’ blessings and then……..Roshni slaps him hard on his face.

Sid claims I believe whenever you desire to ring bell, you slaps me. Roshni asks how dare you to feel that I’ll marry you. She claims I assumed you will be undertaking masti, but I was Completely wrong. You’re pretending to like Shabnam and me. She claims your experience is like Sid, but you can’t be Sid even Once you usually takes one hundred births. She claims I brought you here in this house, so I’m asking you to definitely wander off. She pushes him asking to leave. Sid claims she appears to be for a chance to contact me, currently she has strike me on my heart and asks why did you provide me below if I’m illiterate. He states if I am illiterate why did you let me contact you and introduced me to this point which i arrived Along with the garland below. He states truth is that you enjoys me in coronary heart and needs to touch my cheeks. He suggests my cheeks are so clean…..

He states right now you may have damaged my coronary heart and performs the unhappy audio. He sees Shabnam coming and tells that his lifestyle is ruined due to them. He suggests I still left my Maayi to suit your needs equally, and once you persons don’t take care of me, I don’t take care of you. He says I’ll leave the house and I am your huge enemy now. He claims I am leaving now and is not going to return. Nani falls down. Anyone hurry to her. DD asks her to offer hand, but Nani doesn’t Allow her touch her. Sid arrives there. Nani hugs him and asks him never to go contacting him Sid. Everyone seems to be shocked. Sid gets teary eyed.

Precap: Nani asks why did you get teary eyes when I fell down. Sid says it is enough of Sid’s drama and asks them not to contact him. He says he is Raghu.

Written Update By H Hasan


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