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Jamai Raja 30th September 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Media standing outside DD’s house. Roshni tries to stop DD from answering Media. Media asks DD about her husband’s second marriage. DD says my husband was a big betrayal and says when he returned back, I couldn’t understand his reality. She says he couldn’t become a good husband, son in law, brother and father. She says he is a big loser. Our point of view were different, and my daughter stayed away from her father since 25 years as my husband was giving love to his other children. She says I forgot the past and accepted him. I married him again thinking about Roshni. Then he was killed and we were broken. I thought happiness is gone, but whatever we have faced today is a shock for us. She tells her relation with Shiv was not well. She says Shiv was a gold digger and returned to her as she has money. She says he left his second wife as they were poor. She says Mona and Kesar are witness for Shiv’s doings and says she couldn’t curse him even now. Media asks her about the daughters of Shiv. DD says Roshni and Sid have decided to adopt Ayesha and they all love her. She says Shabnam is an adult and can go anywhere. DD asks them to go and closes the door. DD asks Kesar not to forget to inform her when they get extra orders.

Sid makes Ayesha eat the food. Bua Dadi is irked seeing Shabna, and gets up from dinning table. Beeji asks her to have food, but she refuses and goes. Sid says it is good and says she wants constant attention. Sid tells Shabnam is his sasur’s daughter, Roshnni’s sister and shall get respect. Ayesha tells TV about DD’s interview on TV. Sid watches the TV. Shabnam spills water on floor purposely and tells she can’t watch it anymore. She tries to go and falls on Sid leaving her lipstick marks on his suit. She tells she has less time to spend with Ayesha. Ayesha asks her to come with him. Sid asks her to get ready and come with them. Shabnam thinks the mark will spoil Roshni’s life.

Sam brings Bua Dadi to meet Bunty. Bunty over acts and says he is from Canada. Sam says he is a small actor and will manage. She fears if Krutika will agree to marry him. Bunty overacts again and surprises Bua Dadi with his talks. He dances on the song Jalwa…..Bua Dadi and Sam leaves from there. Bunty thinks they have not understood his emotions. Roshni looks at the lipstick mark on Sid’s suit and questions him. Sid tells her that Shabnam fell and might have left mark on his suit mistakenly. He asks her not to doubt him. Roshni says you was away because of Shabnam. Sid says Shabnam was ill and that’s why he had to stay there. He says Shabnam has feelings for Ayesha being her sister. He says Shabnam will go and will never come to school. Roshni asks him to stop and says she can stay here, but don’t expect anything from me. Shabnam overhears them and smiles. Sid feels Shabnam will make place in Roshni’s heart and she will accept her as her sister. Sid tells Shabnam to work best. Shabnam thinks Sid is trying to unite them, and thinks she will snatch him from her. She calls Mamu and says they are planning Navratri function. She says we will snatch their everything from them. Mamu asks her to stay away from Sid and says he is very clever.

Mona tells DD made them realized that she did a favor on them by letting them stay in her house. Nani Maasi says she is right and tells bad about Shiv. Mona gets angry and curses the family. DD looks on.

Written By: H Hasan


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