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Jamai Raja 30th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Written Update by H Hasan

The Episode starts with Resham seeing Pinto on Sid’s place and rushes out saying he is not Sid, but someone else. DD asks her what happened to her and asks her to just leave without believing her. Shabnam knocks on the door. Goon opens the door and sees Shabnam wiping her sweat with her pallu and exposing her body. She tells goon that she came to return extra money which he gave her. He takes her inside and asks if you want to drink water. Shabnam asks if there is any cold place here, as it is very hot here. Goon says no. Shabnam tries to leave. Goon holds her hand and says I won’t let you leave. Yash drops Roshni home. Roshni thanks him and gets down the car. Yash leaves after dropping her. Roshni takes a handful of sand in her hand and sits in the taxi. She asks driver to follow car and over takes it. She throws sand on Yash’s car mirror. Yash gets down the car and wonders what is happening. Roshni thinks Yash will not be able to reach there on time. She asks the driver to drive fast. The goon tries to get closer to Shabnam. Sid comes there and stops him. He gets angry on him for keeping eye on his wife and slaps him. Other goon comes out. Sid engages them with fight, and Shabnam goes to room. Sid manages to fool them and sees Ayesha tied in one of the rooms.

Aashiyana song plays………………Ayesha cries. He gets teary eyes. Shabnam also comes there and says Ayesha. Ayesha sees Sid and says Papa…I missed you. Sid says you are fine naa…Ayesha says these uncles scared me much. Sid says he will beat them. The goons come there and asks who are you banjare. Sid asks Shabnam to take care of Ayesha. The goons take out the knife. Sid holds their knife and says I came here to get my daughter home. He asks them to move from their way. Sid beats them and manages to leave from there. The goons follow Sid. They go to under construction building while fighting. Yash comes there and sees Sid fighting with goons, and gets shocked and angry. He says you have done a big betrayakl and have to pay a big price. Shabnam asks Ayesha to come fast. Yash gets down his car and stands infront of them. Shabnam asks Ayesha to come to other way.

Sid beats the goons. Shabnam asks Ayesha to be there and says I will call your mamma. She calls Roshni and tells her that Ayesha is with her and they are fine. She says Sid is still fighting with the goons and Yash have seen them and Sid is not aware of Yash’s presence. Roshni asks her to meet her at behind lane. Sam tells DD that she is going to hospital alone as Yash is busy with Roshni, and their phones are switched off. DD thinks their phone is off and something is wrong for sure. Resham says the same.

Roshni comes there and hugs Ayesha. Ayesha says that joker have scared her much. Roshni promises that Joker will not harm her anymore. Yash thinks Sid called Roshni here. He comes to Roshni and says thank god Ayesha is saved. Why you both are looking scared? He says I will take Ayesha with me, and you both can come afterwards. He holds Ayesha’s hand to take her. Roshni slaps him and asks him to stop his acting and drama as truth is out infront of everyone. She says I have realized that you are the joker who made our life hell.

Sid beats Yash and says I thought of you as my brother and you have backstabbed me. He continues to beat him.


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