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Jamai Raja 2nd October 2015 Written Update

Episode starts with Nani telling somw women organization people have come. They switch on the TV and sees Bua Dadi telling the press that DD tortured Shabnam and beaten her. Beeji says she can’t do this. Bua Dadi says DD has beaten Shabnam being her step mum. Media says DD has become Kaikayi. The women organisation group barged into DD’s house and says DD haiye haiye……DD asks them to get out and it is enough of drama. The woman says you have to accept your doing. DD says she didn’t do anything and asks them to get out. The woman says you have to apologize to Shabnam else we will take this matter very up. DD asks them to get out. They threaten to call the police and then brings a donkey to make DD sit on it. The women organisation ladies pushes Roshni and Nani. Then they make DD sit on it and blacken her face. Shabnam comes and acts to rescue her. She asks them to stop it and asks Nani to wash her face. She asks the women, don’t you get shame to do this. She says she is alive because of this. She says she got the marks as she fell down. The media also come there and asks questions. Why DD has thrown you out? Shabnam says this house is hers and only she can decide who will stay in her house. She says I left this house with my wish. She asks them to stay out of the matter. DD comes and says Shabnam is saying right. We will solve the matter and it is a family matter. She asks Shabnam to stay at her house, and asks them to go. Media person asks if Shabnam will stay with you. DD asks didn’t he hear now, and asks them to get out. DD eyes Shabnam.

Bua Dadi is eating apple happily. Beeji asks why you are doing this and breaking two families. Bua Dadi says she is supporting truth and says may be DD had beaten her. Beeji asks how can you be so sure? She says if Sid and Roshni have any trouble then she will not spare her. DD recalls the insult which Mahila Samithi did to her. Shabnam comes to her and asks her to trust. She says I don’t have anything against you in my heart, and my Abbu will curse me. DD says she knows about her blood and holds her by her hairs. Sid asks what you are doing? DD says you will repent and will curse every moment thinking why I have taken this decision to let you stay in this house. She says this house is mine and you will do what I say. She says nobody shall challenge my decision and says drama is over. Shabnam gets angry and says you left this marks on my heart. I am back in your house to ruin you. She says your reverse countdown begins.

DD remains recalling the insult and Shabnam asking them to remain out in their individual make a difference. DD thinks I’ll choose revenge for my insult. A person comes in the home. Ayesha calls for Shabnam and asks Sid. Roshni asks what transpired? Sid claims Shabnam is not really here. Nani Maasi suggests she may possibly ran absent. Ayesha states she’s my Didi and might’t operate. Sid asks the servant to search out her. He asks DD if she saw her. DD says she could be below, I don’t treatment. Servant will come back and states she identified a suitcase while in the pool which happens to be moving also. Anyone rush to her. They arrive near the pool facet and find out a large box floating inside the pool. Sid jumps in and will get the box. He asks to find the hammer and breaks the lock. DD is hectic acquiring foods on the dinning desk. Roshni, Nani and Mona are shocked to determine Shabnam inside the box. Sid takes her out. Roshni asks Shabnam to wake up and presses her stomach to acquire drinking water out.

Sid tells Roshni that DD’s carry out will not be justified. He suggests it doesn’t mean that she’ll get rid of someone, whom she don’t like.

Written Update By Sahir


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