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Jamai Raja 2nd November 2015 Written Update

DD scolding Sid and says whatever Roshni does is for him with his perspective. She says my husband had done same thing from me, and says there is no difference between you both. She asks don’t you feel bad. She says Mona taunted me before also, but I showed faith on you and said that Sid will keep my daughter happy. She asks him to leave daughters of the house, first Sam, Roshni and Shabnam. Roshni says you are mistaken. DD tells Roshni that Sid is fed up of her, and wants a new relation. She says Sid wanted to exploit innocent Shabnam and says she can’t bear this cheap doings. She asks him not to show his face again. Roshni tells DD that everyone is not like your husband, and says Sid has not betrayed me. DD is shocked.

Roshni says if you want Sid to leave, then he will leave, but I will also go with him. She says today a wife is talking to you, who trusts and supports her husband always. Ayesha tells that her Papa is best and she will go with him. DD says I can’t expect anything else with you, and says I will believe that I have no daughter from today. Everyone is shocked. DD says I will not ask or beg you to stop, and asks her to go. She says I disown you from everything and asks them to get out. Sid asks what you are doing Roshni. Roshni asks him to stop it and says she knows what she is doing being his wife. She asks him to come. Sid and Roshni leave the house. DD closes the door.

At Khurana house, Sid asks Raj why he is not looking at him and asks him not to say that he thinks him wrong. Raj says I always told you that respect, money, fame can be earned back, but if character is ruined then it can’t be back. Raj gets a phone call from his manager informing that their stocks are falling down, and nobody want to be with me. Raj falls down and tells Simran that their company’s shares have lowered down, and their associates have left them. Sid is shocked. Simran asks Sid, if he is seeing what has happened? She says you are staying at your inlaws home since 1.5 years, and asks what did you get? Your mum in law doesn’t trust you, and today your papa has lost everything because of you. She says if your mum in law have supported you then this would not happened. She says I will support my husband always. Sid feels bad.

DD tells lawyer that she don’t want to give her property and money to her son in law and daughter and asks him to make her will. Roshni asks Sid not to lose hope. Sid says I can’t lose, and says this day has come infront of me, my family has left me. He says my parents are not believing on me, and they are right as they are seeing the proofs. He asks if she trusts him. Roshni says more than myself. Sid says I will bring proofs, which will prove my innocence and says I will not accept defeat. He says this fight is going to be longer, and says your Sid might die, but I will return to make you win. He says Shabnam will not win. Roshni says nothing will happen to you Sid and says God will protect you and will solve your problems, you will win surely. Sid hugs her. He gets strength from her love and faith.

Shabnam targets Sid and Roshni’s pic with arrow, and asks them to operate. Krutika comes to Roshni and says she’s with her normally. She suggests I am sensation lousy for Sid, and suggests he normally supports Other people, but now no person is believing him. Roshni tells that it is her fault and suggests I didn’t pay attention to him when he informed that Shabnam is not really great Lady. Krutika asks her to own faith and become sturdy. She hugs her. Shabnam thinks where is jiju, and claims she’s going to conclude this story. She suggests Roshni and Sid’s unsuccessful enjoy is the last chapter in her story.

DD thinks Sid has broken her have faith in. Simran will come there and says she wishes to see her deal with. She asks how can you insult my son infront of media. DD says I must have specified him medal for molestation and rape costs. Simran says she is aware of his son, and says when Roshni left him. He followed her to bangkok. She says Sid didn’t treatment about them and stayed at her property as Jamai. She tells that a mum curses Yet another mum. She claims the same as you built my son cry, you’ll cry badly at some point.

Some goons attempts to flirt with Roshni and asks her to be with them. Roshni slaps the goon and tells that she’ll demonstrate her spouse’s innocence.

Written Update By Sahir


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