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Jamai Raja 2nd December 2015 Written Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Sid thinking to tell his truth once he exposes Shabnam. Simran gets worried about Sid and tells Raj that even DD didn’t know about his whereabouts. Raj says we couldn’t find him. Krutika tells Simran that she will find peace when she meets Sid. Simran says she will not let him go anywhere once she gets him.

Shabnam washes her face and cleans the dirt. She then throws the mirror and recalls Mona insulting her. She says this is done by the lookalike and says I will trap you in the conspiracy from which you can’t come out. DD asks Sam and Yash to start afresh. Mona hugs DD. Sid tells Roshni that Yash is back in the house. DD says I want to give surprise to everyone and asks them to wait. She says Maa (Nani) wants you all to know one thing and brings her on wheel chair. Nani puts her feet down and stand up. Roshni and Sid are surprised and so is others. Roshni cries happuly and hugs her. Sid hugs Nani….and is happy. He says thank god you can stand now. He hugs her again and hopes she could speak too. DD says we will do lunch together. Everyone is happy.

Shabnam comes to the same dargah where she used to meet Gaffur. She wonders why did that man call me here. Just then Sid comes there in Raghu’s attire. Shabnam asks him to tell truth. Sid says did you hear about Vishnu’s avatar. He says but my avatar is pure….He says he is not Siddharth Khurana, and not Jamai of DD. He says he is Raghu Mechanic. Shabnam asks what is this new trick. Sid says this is truth and says since I saw you…..I got into trouble. He says I was thinking why did Sid Khurana, who was a good influential businessman slipped in affair with you. He says just look at Roshni and yourself. He says I would have fall for you if I was in his place. Shabnam says did you think me fool and asks did you love me…Sid says wherever you are today is because of your talent..and says he is doing everything for money. He says he is brought by Roshni Patel. Shabnam says I knew that you are not Sid, but someone else..She says now see what I can do with you. Sid holds her closer and asks her to do whatever she wants. He asks her to get closer and get intimate, so that even air can’t pass inbetween them.

He says 1 plus 1 is 11 and tries to trap her in his words. Shabnam asks him not to try to be smart. Sid says I will leave Roshni and her mum once you gives your hand in my hand. I will give you so much profit, and you will get tired of counting money. He asks where will you go Shabnam….Shabnam wonders if he really loves me and thinks I don’t have answer for my question. She goes. Sid thinks camel came under the mountain now. He feels bad as he has to do this without informing Roshni. He thinks he has no other way to expose Shabnam.

Sid comes home. Roshni beats him for coming late in night and asks why did you wear Raghu’s wear. Sid says I am Raja…..Roshni asks where did you go? Sid says we are not husband and wife and asks if she is liking him. Roshni asks him to stay away and finds nail marks on his hand. He asks did you like any girl…she gets angry. Sid says I will not let you get close and says if you express your love then I will convince my mum. Roshni asks what nonsense…Sid says if you don’t love me then why you are getting affected by this nail marks. He asks her to confess. Mere Rubaru plays……Roshni asks him to get out. Roshni wonders why she is getting affected by Raghu and cries. Sid says I am sorry my love and says few more days then everything will be fine as before…..I promise.

Simran tells that she wants to check the stiches which was behind Sid’s ear. Everyone looks on tensedly.

Written Update By H Hasan


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