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Jamai Raja 2nd April 2016 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Yash burning the rope to make DD is falling down in the cliff. Sid shouts Sasumom and jumps to hold on the rope. DD gets tensed. Sid manages to hold the rope on time. Simran looks for Roshni in the house and thinks where did she go? Yash crushes Sid’s hands with his legs, so that Sid leaves the rope. DD asks Sid to let her go and apologizes to him for misunderstanding him. She asks him to take care of Roshni. Sid says I won’t let you go anywhere, your son is with you sasumom. Roshni comes there and sees DD hanging in air through the rope. She asks Yash to leave her mum. DD asks Roshni to leave. Yash pushes her and she falls down. DD asks Sid to take Roshni from there and run. Yash puts knife on the rope and tells DD that your jamai can’t save you now. Sid asks him not to cut the rope. Roshni gets unconscious, but somehow gains consciousness and shouts Mom. Sid begs infront of Yash for DD’s life. Yash enjoys Sid begging him. Yash cuts the rope with force. Sid shouts Sasumom and runs to hold the rope, but DD falls in the cliff. Roshni asks where is my mom? She reminds Sid of his promise and asks where is my mom? Yash sits in the jeep and tries to go. Sid runs towards him, beats him up and is about to kill him with stone, but just then Police comes and arrests Yash. Simran and Raj comes there with Police. Roshni shouts mom and insists to go down. Simran says no and tries to console her.

Yash laughs and tells Sid that I told you that I will snatch your precious thing from you. He says your sasumom couldn’t get her last rites too, and laughs. Sid tries to kill him, but Police and Raj stop Sid. Yash laughs like mad. Roshni gets in shock. Simran calls Sid. Sid cries badly. Roshni faints. Sid asks her to open eyes. Simran says what is happening with us. Roshni sees DD going far from her just as she is about to hold her hand. Roshni wakes up and tells Sid that mom is calling me and is trapped there. I need to go. Sid says mom is not alive and have gone. Roshni insists that mom is trapped in the bushes and says we will bring her back, she is in extreme pain. Servant informs Sid that Police have come. Police tells them that they got a lady there resembling DD, and we have admitted her in the hospital. Roshni says she is my mom, is a fighter and can’t leave us. Sid hugs her, says sasumom is a fighter and back. They come to hospital and see DD struggling with life. Roshni says I can’t see mom like this. Sid asks Roshni to have strength. Doctor tells Sid that DD have returned from death, and they are constantly monitoring her, but her condition is still bad.

Kesar asks Doctor to save DD as she is like his mom. Roshni says I need my mom. Simran says we shall pray for her life and says God will give us justice. Sid asks Doctor to take money, resources, and calls doctors from abroad…to make her fine…He says she is not my saas, but maa…..Roshni hugs him and cries. Resham comes to DD’s office and takes over DD’s position in the office. Manager shows her necklace. She smirks looking at it. Kesar asks what are you doing? This is artificial. Resham says she has kept original for herself and will sell artificial. She says she will handle DD’s office, and says may be DD will never get well. Kesar thinks if DD gets well then she will scold them. Sid comes to meet DD and asks what’s up Sasumom. He says look at your daughter, she is sleeping. He asks you have not left this bed since 1 month and asks what do you want?

Sid asks are you angry on me? He says someone said that I am very charming and nobody will get angry on me for long. He asks her to get up, hug him and says I am back. He asks her to look at Roshni and him, and says they are in pain to see her in this condition. He says do you like to see your Jamai feel low infront of others. He asks her to slap him, say whatever she wants to, make him what she wants to see him like, and asks her to just wake up. DD hears and stares him.

Sid tells Roshni that he will end DD’s coma and will bring her back to life.

Written Update by H Hasan

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