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Jamai Raja 28th November 2015 Written Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Shabnam seeing the floor clean without any blood stains. She says how can this happen and tells that she has seen with her own eyes. She says she has seen blood stains everywhere and asks Kesar to go and check the tap as blood water is coming from it. Kesar comes and says nothing as such. Raghu/Sid says he heard something happens when someone is killed. He says if I was in her place then I would not have stayed here and wouldn’t have given this room to my enemy also. Shabnam tells Mona that she will stay in her room with her. Mona refuses to let her stay in her room, but Shabnam orders her strictly. Mona agrees. Shabnam tells that DD will stay in this room and goes. DD thanks Raghu. Raghu marks his words that Shabnam gave back DD’s room with her own wish. He asks her to enter her room. DD says you have done so much for us. Roshni thanks Raghu. He nods.

Shabnam couldn’t sleep in the night. She gets someone’s call and he tells that they have conspired against her to make her leave the room. He says Sid is fake and says I can help you. Shabnam asks who are you? He says I will call you and ends the call. He reveals his face and it is Pinto.

Roshni comes to Raghu and says you are my Sid. He says no. she asks him to stop lying. Raghu says I am not Sid. Roshni gets closer to him and asks if nothing is happening to him when she is touching hi. She touches him sensually and asks if nothing is happening. Sid/Raghu gets moved in romance. Main Jo Jee Raha Hun plays…………………Roshni is about to kiss him, but Raghu pushes her and says he is Raghu and not Sid. He goes. Roshni thinks may be he is Raghu as Sid would never have stopped her from coming closer.

Raghu comes to his garage and is angry. Pinto asks what does he wants? He says you asked me to call Shabnam and asks what does he wants. Raghu holds the diary and tells that we can’t tell this secret to anyone and says I am Siddharth Khurana. He says I wouldn’t have answers for Roshni’s questions that day in the court if this diary was not with me, I have taken help from its blank pages to answer her. Pinto asks him to tell Roshni. Sid says he can’t tell as he has to take revenge on the person who has ruined his family. He says once again this Jamai’s turn have come to protect his house. He removes the band from his head and wears Sid’s clothes in his style.

He says my plan is at its verge of success and that is because of you. He says you wants to know about the truth and asks him to listen.

A flashback is shown, Pinto notices Sid lying in the unconscious state and takes him to hospital. Sid gets in coma’s state. He says he is out of coma because of him and Sundari tai. A flashback is shown, Pinto asks Doctor about Sundari who takes care of Sid. Doctor says his son has died few days before and she is thinking Sid to be Raghu. Sundari takes care of Sid as her own son. He tells that he rushes home and saw Shabnam threatening Roshni by trying to kill Nani. He left from there.

Sid says that day I wanted to slap Shabnam so hard and then throw her out of house, but thought that decision taken in a hurry and anger is always wrong. I have to make Shabnam lose, and that’s why I became Sundari Tai’s son and your friend.

I have compromised Roshni’s car intentionally and made her see me. He recalls all the latest happenings. He says everything was done according to plan, but that day Sundari Maayi came in court. I got weak seeing her and doesn’t know how to handle the situation. He says I did something which I shouldn’t have done. I declared her mad infront of all. He says I am alive and sound because of her. He feels guilty and says I have done a big sin by playing with her emotions. He says God will never forgive me. He says Doctor told Sundari that Raghu’s face is spoiled and they did plastic surgery on his face. He says then I appeared infront of her as Raghu. He says what will happen when the truth comes out that his son is dead. Pinto says I know you will do the duties of a son and asks him to concentrate on Shabnam. He says time has come to take revenge from your saali.

Shabnam gets a message to come down and see Raghu. She comes down and sees raghu going. She thinks to follow him.

Written Update By H Hasan


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