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Jamai Raja 28th April 2016 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Roshni’s residence
ROshni is dressed, while the aunt is tensed to see her stoically tensed, and asks whether sid shall be able to set everything okay, as its stormy weather outside, indicating omen. she tries to take off the mangalsutra, but roshni stops her, saying that this is sid’s and till she is alive, noone can take it off her. the aunt says that she understands but what to do, as she has to save her mother’s life, and asks her to get ready soon. roshni tells her aunt that have to save DD, by doing something. she asks her aunt to take her place at the altar besdie yash, while she goes to save DD. the aunt is shocked, and incredibly denies, saying that she doesnt want to marry her. roshni says that she just needs to sit beside, so that this can buy time for her to go out and save DD and when rituals start, she can lift off her veil, to reveal that she isnt roshni, and since yash’s agenda, is to get her, he would himself stop the marriage. she says that once she saves DD, she has to pretend to be her, just so that they can save DD, and she doesnt actually have to get married. the aunt complies that she shall do it, for sid, dd and her. she hurriedly asks roshni to change first. roshni agrees, saying that she shall never let yash realise his deram of separating her from sid. yash sends him up asking him to check on roshni and get her down. he complies. meanwhile, the aunt is busy getting roshni to climb down through the rope, while she too struggles to get down freely. They build a rope, and roshni is about to climb down, when the door is knocked by yash’s people. they are shocked and wonder what to do. but roshni hurriedly takes her position back, by taking the dupatta over her, while the aunt opens the door, and lashes at them as to give them privacy so that they can dress up properly for the function. she manages to successfully distract them, and then after they are gone, they again get to their business.

Scene 2:
Location: Sid’s residence
While sid’s parents are praying, they find the the diya doused off, and consider it as an omen, and think that something bad is about to happen, even though they havent done anything wrong to anyone. she is asked to keep faith in the lord, that nothing shall happen to their child, as sid would rectify everything by the blessings of the lord. she tries to light it again, but it doesnt light up. they finally succeed and are overwhelmed that the lrod shall keep their children safe, and then say that once sid and roshni are together, they shall have the children married. they ardently pray.

Scene 3:
Location: Yash’s hideout
Sid arrives at the hideout. Hanging by the car, sid reaches the place where DD has been kept captive. therein, he stealthily keeps his distance, while the men meet anmol, and tell him that he is needed at yash’s place. he complies, asking them to be alert. just then, sid accidentally collides into some rods, causing a noise, but he hides, just in time, before they can find out. asking them to be alert, anmol leaves. sid comes out of hiding, and then follows the men discreetly inside. Inside, Sid is alarmed to see DD being tied, over a bubbling tub of fuming, hot acid, and the rope connecting her is tied to a sack, which yash’s men put a hole in, and it starts leaking, which causes DD to inch closet to the tub, as her weight starts getting more. he is aghast to see this. yash’s men are amused. sid eyes everyone around and wonders what to do, as they keep teasing and mocking her. suddenly some gas engulfs the place, and they all start coughing, and rush out, to find the source. one of them asks about dd. they wonder that she cant cant go anywhere as it is, and rush out to save their life. then sid remembers setting the boxes afire, that he once did, to create smoke, to distract the men. then he sid makes his way between the two men, and saved DD just in time, from falling into the acid tub, and falls with hr on the floor. he is apalled to see her like this. she is surprised to see him, as he takes her outside.

Scene 4:
Location: Roshni’s residence
Downstairs, the priest is asked to get to work. just then, anmol comes and asks if everything is okay. yash says that it has to, since he has planned it, and then he shall make roshni his, and ruin sid. he says that he shall enjoy their ruins, just like they did. anmol asks what after that, as sid would try to get her bacvk. yash guffaws, and says that roshni shall have been his by then, and even if he takes her, his presence shall be a bone of contention, as no husband shall want his wife, to be sleeping with someone else. he says that they shall be tormented forever, as he would inflict such wounds on her, that she would neither be with him, nor be able to live without him. he takes DD’s pic, ansd throws them in the fire too, and watches it burn with contentment. he asks anmol to go and check on roshni, and get her down. Meanwhile, the aunt helps her climb down, praying to the lord, to keep them safe, assuring her, that she shall set everything straight. she hears anmol’s knocks on the door, getting frantic. The aunt is shocked, as he says that he is breaking the door open. she however wonders how to get into the blouse and derss fitted for roshni’s size. she drapes the dupatta upto her mouth, and opens the door, so as not to reveal her face. he asks for the aunt, and she is at a loss for an answer. she signals towards the washroom, and he eyes it tensedly. he then takes the aunt, thinking that its roshni, to the altar.

Downstairs, anmol makes the bride sit at the altar, beside yash, who eyes her viciously. she is amused thinking that she befooled him. the priest asks them to place their hands on each other’s. she is tensed but complies nevertheless. yash eyes the fingers, and finds them painted, and is shocked, as she recognises that it isnt roshni’s hands, and lifts the veil open, with agression, and faces the aunt, who is scared. anmol is shocked too, along with his men. she eyes them tensedly, and then smirks, if roshni was to be sent. yash screams where is roshni. just then, the man comes and yash asks where is sid, and he tells yash, that he ran away. he is disgusted. Then, Anmol gets a call regarding sid’s escapade with DD and tells yash that sid reached there, and freed dd and took her away. he is frustrated and starts lashing out at everyone, saying that he needs roshni at any cost, and asks them all to go and get her from anywhere.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Roshni walks dishevelled and distraught on the road, wondering what to do, and where to search for her mother and save her life. she is tensed thinking that sid is captive too. she almost collides into someone, and tries to ask for a lift, and when he lifts his helmet, she wonders if he is yash’s man, and decides to stay away. she hurries off from there, while the man eyes her tensedly. The screen freezes on her, yash’s angry face.

Precap: A nauseous and dizzy DD apologises to sid for having spoiled their happiness, while he asks how can she blame herself. SId asks her if she has trust in him. she says that she has more trust in him than anyone else’s, and asks him not to face any more troubles due to her, and asks him to go, and save roshni. she gets dizzy and collapses in his arms, while he assures her that as long as he is here, nothing shall happen to her. Meanwhile, roshni rusn frantically on the road, looking for her mother. she asks for help, but then sees the approaching car’s number and is startled.

Written Update by Rimjhim

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