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Jamai Raja 27th November 2015 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raghu telling Roshni that he read her diary. He asks her to give 5 Lakhs 560 Rs…..and tells what he will tell his wife about the marks. Roshni asks him to stop it and says you can’t be Sid. Raghu says really and smiles as she goes. DD comes and asks why he is smiling? Raghu says he is happy as his mum in law is released. He asks for a hug and settles down on a kiss. DD allows him hesitantly. Raghu kisses her on her cheek. DD says so middle class. Shabnam stops DD from entering house and says let me do aarti first. Roshni asks her to stop drama. Shabnam says she deserves aarti, afterall she has killed her jamai and too revenge for her daughter’s respect. She says I am sure that you have done this for me. DD says I will do your aarti genuinely when we throw you out of this house soon. Sid says Sasumom said right and says enemy should know about her value. Roshni says game is turned on and truth have win over evil. DD tells Shabnam that she along with her daughter and son in law, will remind her of her value. DD does tilak of Roshni, Sid and herself. She holds Roshni and Sid’s hand and walk inside. Nani gets emotional seeing her.

DD asks how are you and asks her not to worry. Ayesha says I miss you very much. DD kisses her and says she will not leave her. She tells that she will go and freshen up. Kesar says he is happy as she came back home. Shabnam stops DD again and asks where is she going? DD says I am going to my room. Shabnam says you might have forgotten that this house is mine, you had signed on the papers and it depends on me if I let you stay in this house or not. She holds her hand and says I will show your room. Roshni asks her to leave her mum’s hand. Raghu/Sid follows her. Shabnam brings DD to the guest room and says you had given me this room when I came here. Roshni asks DD not to worry. DD says I am not worried at all. She says I don’t need anything.

In room, Roshni takes out her anger for Shabnam and thinks how dare she to throw DD out of her room. Raghu/Sid asks her not to get angry and asks if she has a family problem. Roshni thinks of Sid’s words and says Sid used to talk like this. Raghu says may be, and says he didn’t say wrong. We have to do something so that Shabnam returns room to DD with her wish.

Shabnam is washing her face and sees her face red. She sees bl**dy water from the tap and gets scared. She runs back to room and witnesses strange things happenings after electricity goes off. She panics and asks who is there. Kesar and Mona asks her to open the door. Shabnam shouts and runs saying ghosts is inside her room. She asks Raghu if he was scaring her…..and asks him to answer. Raghu says have you gone mad? Do I have 20-25 hands? He says I think this is done by you, or may be you have killed someone and the deceased person’s soul have returned to take revenge. He says anything can happen or you might be scared because of your win. Shabnam asks everyone to come to her room and says she will show her room. She says these are the blood marks. Roshni and Raghu sign each other and smiles. Kesar and Mona ask where? Shabnam says there were blood stained and wonders where did it go.

Someone calls Shabnam and says they planned against you to kick you out of your room. He says that Raghu is a lookalike and fraud and I can help you.

Written Update By H Hasan


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