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Jamai Raja 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

The episode starts with Meesha obtaining a stress assault. She hugs Sid and asks him to safeguard her from goons. Sid calms her and normally takes her back to her medical center space.

Raj with Simran informs DD and Shiav about Meesha’s accident. DD feels sorry or Meesha and states she would like to satisfy her at healthcare facility now. Raj states she’s in a bad ailment and it is better should they go late as Sid and Roshni are presently there. He tells total Khurana family desired to come to her residence for Sid and Roshni’s alliance and he was scheduling Sid/Roshni and Meesha/Neil’s engagement. DD claims she experienced gone for just one-two times, but a great deal has changed below and no-one felt it can be crucial to inform her. Raj says it took place in a fast rate.

Meesha panics and gets uncontrolled throwing points on Every person. Sid tries to quiet her down. Roshni tries to appear around her, and she pushes her and asks Sid to ship his girl from here. Sid goes out and asks doc what is happening with Meesha. Doc suggests she acquired psychological block and is simply identifying individuals whom she feels secure with and it has overlooked all the things in advance of accident.

Neil’s mom concerns Khurana’s property and starts commenting on Meesha’s quick clothes, and many others. DD that is current there says she is very slender minded. Raj suggests she remains in previous ere and has overlooked environment has moved way in advance. Doorway bell rings, Raj checks and sees decorators for engagement. He says He’ll get in touch with them later on after which informs Neil’s Mother Mrs. Kalra (who is like cholera alternatively) that he wished Sid/Roshni and Meesha/Neil’s engagement today. Mom shouts she is not going to Neil get engaged to Meesha as she may well not get very well in the least and when he would like he could possibly get Sid and roshni engaged.

Sid comes along with Meesha, Roshni, and Neil and tells mrs. Kalra that engagement will take place these days at any Charge. She shouts that she will never sacrifice Neil’s existence for Meesha. Meesha panics and attempts to assault her. Sid calms her again. Mother leaves fuming. Neil tells Sid that he will surely get engaged to Meesha. Roshni retains Sid’s hand and Meesha breaks their bond and hugs Sid. Neil silently watches this and leaves.

Roshni and Sid wait close to Meesha’s mattress. Roshni nurses Sid’s wounds and tells following early morning will deliver a whole new ray of hope and almost everything will probably be alright. They each get passionate and hug one another when Meesha in slumber starts off calling Sid and inquiring him not to go away her. He calms her down and lets her slumber once again. He then apologizes Roshni and he or she says he is doing correct and leaves expressing she will fulfill him tomorrow.

DD gifts chunri/veil to Roshni and suggests Shiv gifted her this chunri on their own engagement. Shiv also blesses Roshni and says she will blindly rely on Sid and wishes for her happier lifetime ahead. Kesar suggests he will get jewellery for Roshni’s engagement. Shiv many thanks Kesar for taking care of DD and asks him to carry on Operating proficiently. He claims he will get jewelry and leaves.

Precap: Sid phone calls Roshni and states Meesha is missing from her home. Shiv sees Meesha in an auto leaving somewhere.

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