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Jamai Raja 25th August 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts off with Sid plus the Police leaving from your house.The goon threatens Roshni and tells that it seems her family don’t care about her. He says he will present them what he can perform. He pushes Roshni and she or he falls within the mattress. Jigna tells Kesar that she’s going to head to Rajkot as her daily life is in danger right here. Kesar asks her to fulfill Every person before likely. Kesar informs DD that they’re wanting some cash. They commit to do some thing. She receives a courier from a person on the identify of DD patel. Yash tells that he will talk with the courier business about the one that has despatched this courier. DD opens the box and finds a lot of hairs. DD feels drowsy. Yash reads the kidnapper’s information that this time they have Minimize her hairs, but up coming time they’re going to Minimize her head. Simran and Beeji cries. DD tells Sid has promised me that He’ll bring Roshni in 24 several hours, but he has failed once again. She states I won’t leave him. Nani prays for Roshni’s security.

The lady goon phone calls Hakim and he checks Ayesha’s temperature. He claims the girl is obtaining significant fever and asks to choose her to medical center. The Woman goon tells the girl is her sister’s little one. Hakim Saheb claims I never ever observed any person coming here. Roshni attempts to make audio and a thing falls down. The lady goon asks the goon to look for the big rat. He goes and threatens Roshni. Hakim Saheb prescribes the medicines and leaves.

Sid arrives dwelling. DD asks him why didn’t you convey my daughter? She reminds of his guarantee and claims I never bend infront of any individual. She sits on her knees and begs him to look her Roshni. Sid asks her not to try this. Nani asks DD not to give tension to Sid. Simran asks Sid to offer income to kidnappers and produce Roshni back again. She goes to speak to Raj. Sid feels helpless and indignant. He talks to Yash and tells him that he went to Mohammed Ali Dargah. He shares his program with him. Yash asks will you be positive To do that devoid of Law enforcement assistance. Sid says he don’t have any possibility.

The Girl goon inquire Roshni and Ayesha to have foods as they have to be alive until they get the money. Roshni hits on her head and wears her burqa. Sid reaches the Dargah in a very Sheikh’s apparel with moustache and Pathani apparel. Yash reminds Sid that they have got time until tomorrow, else DD and Raj should spend on the kidnappers. He needs him very best. Sid thanks him and goes. Yash prays to God to keep Sid’s faith intact and make him meet Roshni. A Qawwali performs Aaya Tere Darpar Deewana……….Roshni and Ayesha dress in the burqa and elope from your place. The goon see the Woman on the floor and goes to catch Roshni.

Roshni and Ayesha get to the dargah while the Qawwali continues to be playing. Ayesha notices Sid and reveals to Roshni. Roshni sees him soon after walking for sometime and calls aloud for him. Sid hears her.

The kidnappers kidnap Roshni agin and get her in the vehicle. Yash informs Sid that DD went to present cash to kidnappers.

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