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Jamai Raja 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja watch online

The Episode starts with Shabnam crying after reading the report and says I am going to die. Roshni searches for reports in her room. Shabnam asks if you was searching these reports. She says I don’t expect this from you being my sister, says you have hidden this report from me so that I don’t get my treatment done. Roshni says when you tried to kill my husband and gave injections to me, don’t you get scared. She says you will die a silent death and nobody will care. Shabnam says she will not die, but will kill everyone. She says she will not die before swallowing them. DD tells Sid that Shabnam might take a second opinion. Sid asks her to forget everything and enjoy the show with a popcorn. He says we will torture her very much and her game will be over in 24 hours. Shabnam comes to the hospital. She finds other doctor there(Pinto indisguise of a doctor). Pinto asks what happened? Shabnam asks him about the old doctor. Pinto says he went out. Shabnam shows him report. Doctor acts as shocked and says this report reminded me of the old patient. Shabnam asks if that patient is fine? Pinto says your eyes will swollen, and your bones will have immense pain. Shabnam says I thought this report is fake.

Pinto says your hairs have started to fall. Raj and DD looks at them. Raj calls Pinto and asks him not to do over acting. Pinto says complicated cases are coming today. Shabnam cries. Pinto says I will try to lower your pain. DD says he will ruin our plan. Raj is upset. Shabnam takes the report and leaves. DD scolds Pinto for overacting and says don’t know if Shabnam was convinced. Pinto thinks I have done right. Raj calls Sid and tells him about Pinto’s overacting. Sid says he will handle Shabnam and DD. He tells Roshni that Pinto have over acted. Roshni says our plan will fail. Just then they hear a girl coming home while dhol is played by the drummer. Kesar asks who are you. The woman happens to be Resham Chachi. DD comes and says she is very happy. Resham hugs her. Sid says she is looking changed, but she is like old. Shabnam comes home and thinks they are celebrating for my disease. Kesar asks Resham to come inside. Shabnam collides with Resham and scolds her. Resham calls her white naked ghost. Shabnam asks Kesar to make his wife understand not to take panga with her. Resham asks her to keep far from her and takes Kesar with her.

Sid tells Roshni that it seems Shabnam is convinced with Pinto’s talks. Kesar tells Resham that he asked her not to come. He asks about their kid. She says he is with mummy ji. She tries to get intimate with him, and tells Kesar that she is learning tantrik vidya, and will teach a lesson to Shabnam. Kesar escapes from his room. Sid sprays some medicine on Shabnam’s face cream. Resham comes and asks what you are doing? Sid makes an excuse and takes her out. Shabnam comes out of washroom and applies cream on to her face. Roshni feels pain on her back. Sid applies ointment to relieve her from pain. A music plays…………

Sid gets closer to Roshni. Roshni says he is taking advantage of massaging her. Sid says he is her patient and takes appointment from her for life. He says your every moment is mine. Kyunki Tum Hi Ho plays……………Sid and Roshni get intimate and romance while the song plays……………………

Shabnam politely tells Roshni that she had visited the doctor and he said that she can get well by bone marrow transplantation. She says I can get bone marrow from you and Ayesha, as you both have same blood. Roshni blinks her eyes hearing her.

Written Update By H Hasan


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